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Jun 19, 2023
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※ Get ready for PUBG: NEW STATE, a groundbreaking Battle Royale developed by PUBG STUDIOS, the creators of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).

PUBG: NEW STATE will see 100 players engage in intense combat with diverse weaponry and strategies, until a single group stands victorious. Utilize equipment, vehicles, and consumables to endure the ever-decreasing battlefield and emerge as the “last man standing”.

▣ Game Highlights ▣

▶ Unprecedented graphical fidelity in mobile gaming
– Utilizing “global illumination” technology, PUBG: NEW STATE pushes the boundaries of what’s feasible in mobile gaming graphics
– A colossal, free-roam battleground with a degree of realism only possible from PUBG STUDIOS
– PUBG: NEW STATE paves the way for future PUBG graphics
– The quintessential PUBG experience right in your pocket
– The Vulkan(API) ensures improved performance and optimization for a seamless gaming experience.

▶ More immersive and dynamic gunplay
– Perfectly adapted for mobile use, get the hallmark “PUBG gunplay” experience on your handheld device
– Modify your firearms to suit your style with PUBG’s distinctive weapon attachment system

▶ Interactive gameplay based on cutting-edge action mechanics
– Fresh mechanics introduced in PUBG: NEW STATE include evasion tactics, drone deployments, and support requests
– Avail of new vehicles exclusive to PUBG: NEW STATE for rapid navigation across the 8×8 open world
– Experience an absorbing PUBG gameplay via diverse in-game objectives that can swing the odds in your favor

▶ Broadening the original PUBG universe
– New factions surface in the anarchic year 2051, decades after the original PUBG events
– The survival-themed PUBG evolves into a brand new battlefield with PUBG: NEW STATE

▶ PUBG: NEW STATE heralds the beginning of a novel PUBG experience
– A true battle royale for PUBG players, by PUBG players, and of PUBG players: PUBG: NEW STATE
– PUBG: NEW STATE brings the essence of PUBG to mobile platforms while heralding a new epoch for the franchise

▣ Minimum Requirements ▣
CPU: 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
RAM: 2GB or higher
OS: Android 6.0 or higher
Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher
PUBG: NEW STATE APK v0.9.42.367 + MOD (Mega Menu)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2017. The battle royale game quickly gained popularity due to its intense gameplay and realistic graphics. Now, PUBG enthusiasts have something new to look forward to with the introduction of PUBG: NEW STATE.

PUBG: NEW STATE is a futuristic take on the original game, set in the year 2051. Developed by Krafton Inc., this highly anticipated sequel promises an enhanced gaming experience with improved visuals and exciting new features.

One of the most significant additions to PUBG: NEW STATE is the APK version, which brings several enhancements and bug fixes for smoother gameplay. This update ensures that players can enjoy a seamless experience without any technical glitches or performance issues.

Furthermore, gamers who want an extra edge can opt for the MOD version of PUBG: NEW STATE APK v0.9.42.367 – Mega Menu edition! This modification offers additional features not available in the standard version of the game.

The Mega Menu mod provides players with various advantages such as unlimited ammunition, increased health points, enhanced accuracy, and much more! These modifications allow users to dominate their opponents effortlessly and achieve victory in every match they play.

However, it’s important to note that using mods like Mega Menu may violate certain terms and conditions set by developers or platforms hosting these games; therefore it is crucial for players to exercise caution while using them.

To install PUBG: NEW STATE APK v0.9..42..367 + MOD (Mega Menu), follow these steps:

1) Download both files from a trusted source.

2) Enable installation from unknown sources on your device settings.

3) Install the original APK file first.

4) Once installed, install the MOD APK file.

5) Launch the game and enjoy the enhanced features.

It’s worth mentioning that using mods can sometimes lead to a ban from online gaming platforms. Therefore, players should be aware of the risks involved and use mods responsibly.

PUBG: NEW STATE APK v0.9.42.367 + MOD (Mega Menu) offers an exciting opportunity for PUBG enthusiasts to explore new gameplay elements and dominate their opponents with added advantages. However, it is essential to exercise caution while using modifications and adhere to any guidelines set by developers or hosting platforms.

As technology continues to advance, gamers can expect more thrilling updates and innovations in their favorite games like PUBG: NEW STATE. With its futuristic setting and improved graphics, this sequel promises an immersive experience that will keep players hooked for hours on end.

So gear up, download PUBG: NEW STATE APK v0.9..42..367 + MOD (Mega Menu), and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping battle royale adventure like never before!



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