Homo Evolution MOD APK V1.6.6 Limitless Gold And Gems

Create your own little world and drive on human evolution. Merge two people and get a new, more modern life form populating the planet with different creatures: from simple animals to diverse and unpredictable personalities.
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Nov 25, 2022
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Homo evolution is a sport that offers you the authority to create your individual world. This sport is predicated on the evolution of the earth and on this sport, you possibly can create your individual world with the assistance of this characteristic. You may join completely different species and create a brand new species with the assistance of them. The sport begins with eggs and you must hatch these eggs to get the completely different species. After that, you possibly can join these two species to create the brand new one.

You can too create new innovations on this planet, like the tv and Technological issues and on this approach, you possibly can predict the way forward for this world. You may accumulate cash by creating new species and it’s also possible to take part in numerous occasions to gather free eggs.

What’s the Homo Evolution APK?

Residence evolution is a novel sport wherein you may get to know in regards to the evolution of mankind. There’s an evolution idea that people evolve from the lizards, you’re going to check this idea on this sport. You’ll begin with the eggs and after they hatch, you possibly can click on on the 2 species to get their offspring. On this approach, you may get a brand new species. You need to hold doing this till you attain the present state of affairs of Earth. Every time you create a brand new species, you’re going to accumulate cash. You can too purchase the brand new eggs and get the brand new species after which merge them to evolve them.

Finest Options of Homo Evolution MOD APK

Distinctive Gameplay

Homo evolution is a novel sport. On this sport, you simply must click on on the completely different species to get their offspring. On this approach, you’ll determine what sort of an organism you need within the subsequent technology.

Create your individual World

This sport offers you the authority to create your individual world. On this sport, you’re the one who decides what sort of organisms and Expertise you need to introduce.

Introduce new Species

You may introduce new species to the world and to do that, you must merge the 2 completely different species. Initially, you’re going to get the eggs and after they hatch, you possibly can create new species.

Create new Expertise

Aside from creating new species, it’s also possible to create new applied sciences. You’ll begin from the stone age and you must introduce new know-how to evolve life on earth.

Hatch Eggs

This sport begins from the eggs, you must accumulate the eggs and after they hatch you may get a brand new species. You’re going to get the shock species every time you hatch the eggs.

Unlock new Worlds

After finishing the one world, it’s also possible to unlock the brand new Worlds and begin life on that planet.

What’s the usage of Mod of Homo Evolution APK?

The mode model of the Homo Evolution sport supplies you with limitless cash. On this approach, you should buy eggs from the shop. You don’t even must click on on the eggs to gather cash. This app is totally free from the paid options and you’re going to discover the world with out paying any cash. The Modified model of Homo Evolution doesn’t include advertisements.

New Options in Homo Evolution MOD APK

Limitless Cash

For those who obtain Homo Evolution mod APK then you’re going to have limitless cash. You need to use this cash to introduce new know-how to the world and it’s also possible to purchase completely different gadgets from the shop with the assistance of this cash.

Free Eggs

You’ll have free eggs within the Homo Evolution sport. There is no such thing as a want to finish the missions or wait to gather the brand new eggs.

No paid options

Homo Evolution Mod APK doesn’t include any paid options. It’s fully free to obtain and play. 

No advertisements

The modified model of this sport can also be free from interruptions and all types of advertisements.

Why is Homo Evolution MOD APK so price Downloading?

Within the common model of Homo Evolution, you’re going to wait rather a lot to gather cash. You even have to attend to get the eggs. However on this mode model there aren’t any such restrictions. You’ll have limitless cash and free eggs that you should use to create the brand new species.


Homo evolution is a really distinctive sport in which you’ll experiment with completely different species. You can too introduce new know-how on this sport. However if you wish to do away with all of the restrictions from this sport, then it’s best to obtain Homo Evolution Mod APK.
Title: Homo Evolution MOD APK V1.6.6: Unlocking Limitless Gold and Gems


In the world of mobile gaming, Homo Evolution has emerged as a popular choice for players seeking an engaging and addictive experience. With its unique concept of merging different species to create new ones, this game offers hours of entertainment. However, unlocking resources such as gold and gems can be time-consuming and challenging for many players. To address this issue, the Homo Evolution MOD APK V1.6.6 comes into play, providing gamers with limitless gold and gems to enhance their gameplay.

Unleashing Unlimited Potential:

The Homo Evolution MOD APK V1.6.6 is a modified version of the original game that allows users to access unlimited amounts of gold and gems without any restrictions or in-app purchases required. This modification empowers players by eliminating the need to grind through levels or spend real money on virtual currencies.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience:

By utilizing this modded version, players gain immediate access to vast reserves of gold and gems within the game’s ecosystem. These resources can be utilized strategically to unlock various upgrades, boosters, special abilities, or even expedite progress through difficult stages.

With limitless gold at your disposal, you can swiftly evolve your creatures without worrying about resource scarcity hindering your progress in creating new species or discovering hidden evolutionary paths.

Similarly, having an abundance of gems enables you to unlock exclusive features like rare mutations or accelerate timers associated with breeding cycles – all contributing towards a more immersive gaming experience.

Safety Considerations:

While using mods may raise concerns regarding security risks or potential account bans from developers’ end-user agreements (EULA), it is essential to exercise caution when downloading third-party applications from unverified sources online.

To ensure safety while enjoying these modifications:

1) Download only from trusted websites known for hosting reliable modded versions.

2) Scan downloaded files with reputable antivirus software before installation.

3) Keep your device’s operating system and security software up to date.

4) Avoid sharing personal information or account credentials with unknown sources.


The Homo Evolution MOD APK V1.6.6 offers an exciting opportunity for players to explore the game without limitations, providing them with limitless gold and gems. This modification enhances the overall gaming experience by removing resource constraints, allowing users to focus on evolving their creatures and discovering new species effortlessly.

However, it is crucial to exercise caution when downloading mods from unverified sources to ensure the safety of your device and personal information. By following simple safety measures, players can enjoy this modified version while minimizing potential risks associated with third-party applications.

Disclaimer: The use of modded versions may violate developers’ terms of service or end-user agreements (EULA). Players should be aware that using such modifications carries inherent risks, including potential account bans or loss of progress. It is recommended to consult official game forums or communities for further guidance before proceeding with any modifications.



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