Dragon Poker APK + MOD (Weak Enemy, HP, ATK)

4 million amazing multiplayer battles
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Jul 7, 2023
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4 million folks astonishing multiplayer battle
Intrusion cooperation ~ A brilliant mixed card battle with 5 folks on the similar time is coming! !
– Primary free! No registration required ~ Android OS 4.1 or later ~

◇ Begin bonus marketing campaign is underway!
⇒ You possibly can rise up to 30 Dragon Stones within the first 7 days from the beginning of Dragon Poker!

▼▽▼ What’s a real-time mixed card battle?

As much as 5 folks can play on the similar time, specializing in cooperation with buddies
Actual time + poker + RPG new expertise recreation

The exhilarating feeling of connecting with buddies! There are a lot of parts to replay!

▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼Recreation Options▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼

[5-player cooperative play]
→Dungeon technique everytime you need!
“Cooperate with 5 gamers and defeat monsters within the dungeon!”
There are over 1000 monsters that brighten up the sport!! There are over 200 forms of monster abilities!!

[Intrusion system]
→ Obtain a buddy’s dungeon participation by “push notification” and enter the buddy’s dungeon!
“Mix your personal card abilities along with your buddy’s card abilities to defeat vicious monsters!”

☆ When your buddy’s guerrilla dungeon is introduced by push notification, rush in instantly!

[Secret Mission]
→Gather the “Treasure” possessed by the dungeon boss within the top-secret mission!
“Nonetheless, defeating the boss doesn’t essentially imply you could get the treasure!!”
“Even when you’ve cleared the dungeon as soon as, strive it many times to get the treasure!!”
“It appears you could get SP playing cards and Dragon Stones by clearing top-secret missions!!”

[Guerrilla outbreak system]
→The second you enter the dungeon, guerrilla mode will seem on uncommon events!!
・ “Kin Guerrilla” → Eager within the dungeon? instances.
・”Demon guerrilla” → What’s the expertise worth within the dungeon? instances.
・”Dragon guerrilla” → Eager & expertise factors? instances.
・”God guerrilla” → Eager & expertise factors? Double + card conversion chance (chance of monster changing into card)? instances.

→ Pre-registered phrases (identify traces) might be spoken at any time throughout battle!!
“Through the use of shouts, you’ll be able to coordinate assaults and make folks giggle! Essential for humorous folks!!”
“You can even enter freely, so you’ll be able to get pleasure from technique chat throughout the recreation!”

▽▼▽▼▽▼Lastly lifted the ban 5vs5 interpersonal battle▽▼▽▼▽▼

[Interpersonal battle! Colosseum]
→ “Coliseum” the place you’ll be able to get pleasure from interpersonal battles with 5 vs. 5 folks is lastly lifted!
“Let’s battle with the strongest playing cards which were strengthened by defeating monsters!”
Gather the dragon medals obtained in accordance with the battle outcomes and alternate them for uncommon playing cards and objects.

▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽Yarikomi parts▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽

[Skill combination]
→ Through the use of a card with a “mixture talent”, a “talent mixture” with different abilities will happen!
It’s attainable to additional enhance the ability of assaults by “talent mixture”!!
With this method, “collaboration” between buddies and “particular person position sharing” ought to maintain the important thing to battle!!

[Super combination technique]
→ By combining sure monsters, evidently a really highly effective “tremendous mixture method” shall be activated!
Even in opposition to a cruel, formidable boss, it’s attainable to goal for a one-shot turnaround with the “tremendous mixture method” launched by the cooperation of buddies!!

[SP skill]
→ Not solely monster playing cards, but additionally “SP Expertise” can be found as abilities that gamers can launch!
SP abilities are abilities that can be utilized throughout battle by equipping SP playing cards.
Plainly there are a lot of essential abilities that can provide you a bonus in battle, corresponding to “Card UP”, “Hand Shuffle”, and “Talent Absolute Activation”!!

[Group chat]
→Invite your mates and have a bunch chat with as much as 21 folks together with your self!!
“Push notifications shall be despatched to you about what you talked about within the group chat, and you’ll at all times invite your mates to hitch you on an journey!!”

[Companion Dungeon]
→ From the group chat, you’ll be able to exit to the dungeon with your mates at any time.
“The communication between chat and journey shall be smoother, and also you’ll be capable of play with out stress!”

Come on, let’s break in proper now!!!!

Examine the most recent data on the official web site and official Twitter account!
◆ Official web site:
◆ Official Twitter account:

【Suitable fashions】
Android OS 5.0 or greater
*Some fashions don’t assist Android OS 5.0 or later. word that.
Dragon‍ Poker APK + MOD⁣ (Weak Enemy, ⁢HP, ATK) v3.4.8: A Review of the Modified Version of Dragon Poker


In the world of mobile gaming, there ⁢are countless strategic role-playing games ‍that offer a unique and immersive⁢ experience. Dragon Poker is one such game that has garnered a significant following due to⁢ its captivating gameplay and vibrant graphics. However, ⁣for those seeking an added edge, the modified ⁢version,​ Dragon Poker‌ APK + ⁤MOD, provides players with the opportunity to enjoy the game with weakened enemies, enhanced HP, and ATK⁣ stats. ‍This article aims⁤ to review the features ⁤of this modified⁤ version and explore its advantages and disadvantages.

Overview of Dragon Poker APK ⁢+ ​MOD:

Dragon⁢ Poker​ APK + MOD⁢ is an enhanced version of the original game, offering players a more personalized‌ and ⁣customizable experience. This modified version introduces various alterations to‍ the gameplay mechanics, ⁣such as⁤ reducing the difficulty by weakening⁢ enemies and enhancing the characters’ ​HP⁣ and ATK statistics. These modifications aim to provide ​players with ⁤a smoother and less⁤ challenging progression throughout the game, catering to both experienced players ​looking for a more relaxed experience and⁤ newcomers seeking an easier introduction to the game.

Advantages of Dragon Poker APK + MOD:

1. Reduced​ difficulty: The weakened enemy feature in Dragon Poker APK + MOD ensures that players face less challenging encounters,⁣ allowing them ​to progress through the game more easily. This alteration is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a leisurely gaming experience or struggle with the game’s original difficulty.

2. Enhanced stats: The modified version‍ of Dragon Poker also boosts the‍ characters’ HP and ATK‌ stats, giving players a⁢ significant advantage in battles. This enhancement enables⁣ players⁣ to handle tougher opponents with ease and increases their chances of victory.

3. Accessibility: Dragon⁢ Poker APK⁣ + MOD is readily available for download, ⁤making it accessible to a wider audience. This modified‍ version enables individuals with a lower skill level or limited gaming experience to ‌enjoy the⁣ game without feeling overwhelmed by its original difficulty curve.

Disadvantages of Dragon Poker APK + MOD:

1. Reduced challenge: While some players may appreciate the reduced ⁢difficulty, ⁢others may find⁤ that the ‍modified version of Dragon Poker lacks ⁣the‍ excitement and sense ‌of accomplishment that comes with overcoming ⁢challenging opponents.​ The weakened​ enemies and enhanced ‌stats⁤ may take away the feeling of progression and accomplishment​ that the original game⁤ offers.

2. Imbalance in gameplay: The modification of the characters’ HP ‍and ATK creates an imbalance within the‍ gameplay mechanics. This⁤ imbalance might result ⁣in some battles becoming too ⁢easy and lacking the ⁢strategic depth‌ and ⁣decision-making required in the original version.⁤ It may‍ also diminish the‍ need ⁤for players to invest‌ time in upgrading and ⁤improving their characters.


Dragon Poker APK + MOD (Weak Enemy, HP, ATK) v3.4.8 presents a modified version​ of the ⁤original game,⁤ offering players a less challenging experience with weakened enemies and⁣ enhanced HP​ and ATK ‍stats. While this modified version allows for smoother progression and accessibility to a wider ⁢audience, it also eliminates the sense of⁤ accomplishment and strategic⁢ challenge⁤ found in the original ⁤version. Ultimately, the decision to play the modified ‍version of Dragon Poker lies with each individual player, depending⁤ on their preferences and gaming‍ style.


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