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Idle Dungeon Manager
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Mar 10, 2023
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Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK + MOD is a cell sport that falls below the class of Simulation. It’s a sport that permits gamers to handle their very own dungeon and management a staff of heroes to discover and conquer varied ranges. The sport affords a wide range of options that make it participating and difficult, with the choice to improve and customise the participant’s dungeon and heroes.


The gameplay of Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK + MOD is targeted on managing a dungeon and a staff of heroes to beat ranges. Gamers begin with a small dungeon and some heroes, and as they progress by the sport, they will improve their dungeon, recruit new heroes, and unlock new skills and objects. The sport is designed to be performed over an prolonged time period, with gamers commonly checking in on their dungeon to handle sources and assign duties to their heroes.


Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK + MOD affords gamers a variety of options to make the sport participating and difficult. The sport consists of a wide range of heroes with completely different expertise and skills, permitting gamers to create a novel staff to beat ranges. Gamers also can improve their dungeon with new rooms, traps, and decorations to make it extra environment friendly and interesting.

The sport additionally consists of a wide range of quests and challenges that supply rewards akin to gold and objects to assist gamers progress by the sport. The sport additionally consists of a wide range of customization choices for gamers to personalize their dungeon and heroes.

Total, Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK + MOD is a difficult and interesting simulation sport that’s appropriate for gamers who take pleasure in managing sources and constructing their very own staff of heroes. With its vary of options and customization choices, it’s a common selection amongst cell players. The premium model of the sport affords much more options, making it a worthwhile funding for anybody in search of an immersive gaming expertise.

MOD APK model of Idle Dungeon Supervisor

MOD options

  • Limitless Cash

Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK + MOD affords gamers premium options which can be unlocked after buying the sport. Premium options embody limitless cash, which can be utilized to improve and customise the participant’s dungeon and heroes. Gamers also can entry premium content material, akin to new heroes and objects, to boost their gameplay expertise.

What’s New

? We’ve taken your suggestions to coronary heart and stuck some technical points within the sport. Idle Dungeon Supervisor is best than ever! Thanks to your assist and keep tuned for additional updates.

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Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK v1.7.3 + MOD (Limitless Cash): A Review of‌ the Ultimate Dungeon Management ‍Game


In the world​ of mobile gaming, Idle Dungeon ‌Supervisor has emerged as an addictive and engaging game that appeals to both casual and dedicated gamers⁤ alike. Developed by GameCo, this unique dungeon management ⁤game offers players​ an immersive experience where they can build and manage their own dungeons, recruit monsters, and conquer​ various challenges. In this article, we will explore⁣ the features of Idle Dungeon Supervisor APK v1.7.3, along with its modified version that provides limitless cash,​ giving players an added advantage ⁤in their⁤ dungeon-building endeavors.

Features and ‌Gameplay:

Idle Dungeon Supervisor offers​ a ⁣plethora of features that make it ‍stand‍ out from other games in its genre.⁤ The game allows players to construct their very own intricate dungeon layouts from scratch, ⁣providing ⁤countless possibilities for customization. From placing traps and obstacles‍ strategically to designing captivating monster ‌rooms, players have complete control over their‍ dungeons, making each one unique and tailored to their liking.

Recruiting and managing monsters is a key aspect of the game. With over 100 different monster types to choose from, players can ⁣assemble a team of powerful creatures to defend their dungeon against unsuspecting⁢ adventurers. Each monster possesses unique skills ‌and abilities,​ providing a diverse range of strategies ​for players to experiment with.

As the game’s title suggests, Idle Dungeon Supervisor offers an idle gameplay option, allowing players to earn resources even when they are ‌offline. This feature ‌is particularly helpful for those seeking to progress⁤ in⁤ the game while having limited time to actively play. However, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the⁤ game offers real-time​ battles and competitive play, where players ​can⁣ challenge each other’s dungeons and test their strategic prowess.

MOD Version – Limitless Cash:

The modified ⁤version of Idle Dungeon⁢ Supervisor APK v1.7.3, also⁢ known as the MOD version, provides players with limitless cash. This modification⁤ grants players⁤ an advantage in‌ terms​ of acquiring resources and purchasing in-game items, enhancing their overall gaming experience. With ‍limitless cash, ‍players can swiftly upgrade their monsters, unlock premium features, and progress through the ⁤game at an accelerated pace. It adds an element⁢ of excitement and convenience for users who wish to explore ‌the game to ‌its fullest ‍potential without being hindered by resource limitations.


Idle Dungeon Supervisor⁢ APK ⁤v1.7.3, along with its MOD version‌ offering limitless cash, is a captivating and ​immersive⁤ mobile game that combines strategic dungeon management with enticing gameplay mechanics. Whether you opt for the original version⁤ or the modified edition, you are bound to be ⁣enthralled by the possibilities and challenges ‌that await you in the world of dungeon​ management. So, unleash your creativity,‍ recruit fearsome monsters, and embark‌ on an epic ⁤journey filled with adventure and rewards. Download Idle Dungeon ⁤Supervisor and take your dungeon-building skills to new heights!



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