AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE APK + MOD (Unlocked All)

Addons Maker for Minecraft PE is back with a new version, more complete, more feature-rich, and more amazing from thousands of users' feedback!
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Jun 25, 2023
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Addons Maker for Minecraft PE is again with a brand new model, extra full, extra feature-rich, and extra wonderful than the outdated model

In line with enter from a whole bunch of customers, Addons Maker for Minecraft PE has returned with a brand new model that’s extra complete, feature-rich, and spectacular than the earlier one!

The wonderful Minecraft AddOns Maker (MAM) program has amassed a big variety of downloads and favorable evaluations from customers of the Minecraft PE/BE variations.

Everyone seems to be conscious that growing high-quality addons for Minecraft is troublesome for gamers as a result of it necessitates experience and nearly all of gamers can not as a result of it calls for programming data.

from hundreds of customers’ suggestions!

Minecraft AddOns Maker (MAM) app is a top-notch app with spectacular downloads, good rankings by Minecraft PE/BE model gamers.

Everybody is aware of that creating good addons for Minecraft isn’t simple for gamers as a result of it requires proficiency, and most Minecraft gamers can not as a result of it requires programming expertise.

AddOn Maker and Creator for Minecraft Pe is a user-friendly toolbox with an optimized interface that helps gamers create their very own addons, whereas additionally demonstrating their creativity with out writing a line of code.

✔️ Add 1000+ extra easy buildings to your Minecraft world (home constructing, medieval, island,…)
✔️ Straightforward to personal many cool furnishings mods (desk, chair, TV, Laptop computer,…)
✔️ Modify animals/mobs expertise, animates, and behaviors
✔️ Modify animals/mobs skins (NPC, bat, blaze, zombie, skeleton..)
✔️ Modify block/slab/stair with new skins, animated, translucent…
✔️ Create Minecraft weapons, armor, gun mod (pores and skin, behaviors…)
✔️ Customized texture: Blocks, Setting, Gadgets, UI-GUI, Colormap, Misc.
✔️ Change Minecraft’s sound by customized
✔️ Customized timber, water-fog, fog, flowers, meals
✔️ Create new biomes, new recipes
✔️ Auto pack into an add-on and import to your recreation
✔️ No want for any Minecraft launcher to play with mods

With new features, you possibly can create your personal customized Minecraft addons with wonderful options that you just by no means thought could be doable earlier than. It’s wonderful!

New Minecraft objects can break blocks with no click on! New tree with a customized leaf! The brand new coloration of the water! Or a cow can fly? All these issues may be archived utilizing Addons Maker for Minecraft Pe.

Make the good mincraft add ons and share your wonderful mcaddon to everybody in our channels:
? Fb: Addon Maker for Minecraft PE Group (group)
? Youtube: Ultimatecraft
? Web site:
? Fanpage: Final Cellular

Keep tuned and hold supporting our growth by writing your good evaluation.


AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE does use the web to load new information, so please concentrate on information utilization!

That is an unofficial software for Minecraft. This software isn’t affiliated in any method with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Title, the Minecraft Model, and the Minecraft Belongings are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful proprietor. All rights reserved. In accordance with
Title: AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE APK v2.13.14 + MOD (Unlocked All)


Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) has captivated millions of players worldwide with its endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. However, the sheer number of resources and ‌customization options available can be overwhelming for some‍ players. This is where the⁣ AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE‌ APK comes into play, offering a user-friendly platform to enhance and modify the ⁤gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore the features ‍and benefits​ of this powerful tool,​ along with the exciting MOD (Unlocked All) version.

Unleashing‍ Creativity with AddOns Maker:

The AddOns Maker for‍ Minecraft PE APK is designed to provide Minecraft PE players with an intuitive and ‍easy-to-use interface for creating custom ‍modifications, or add-ons, to the game. Add-ons are essentially extensions that introduce new elements like ⁢textures, items, and behaviors ⁢to enhance and personalize ‍the⁢ gameplay ‌experience. Whether you want to remodel mobs, ⁢generate new biomes,‌ or introduce unique items, the AddOns Maker allows you to do it all⁤ effortlessly.

Key Features:

1. Texture Customization: With the AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE APK, ⁣users have the freedom to create and apply custom textures, allowing for individualized and ‍visually stunning elements ​in the game. This feature enables players to truly express their ‍creativity by giving⁣ them complete control over the appearance of ⁣various objects.

2. Entity Behavior Editing: The AddOns Maker allows users to⁣ modify the behavior‍ of entities, such ‍as mobs and animals, within the game. This feature empowers players to ‍design ⁢unique interactions and traits for ‍these entities, making the overall gameplay more immersive and engaging.

3.⁤ Item Creation: The AddOns Maker enables players to craft‌ entirely ​new items within​ Minecraft PE. ​From powerful weapons to specialized tools, the possibilities for item creation are endless. This feature adds versatility and excitement to the gameplay, encouraging players to develop ⁤their own ⁣custom equipment to suit their⁣ playstyle.

MOD Version – Unlocked All:

The MOD (Unlocked All) version ⁤of the AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE APK takes the experience to a whole new level. With this version, all locked features and premium content are fully‌ accessible, giving players unrestricted access to the app’s vast potential. By unlocking all the‌ features, players are encouraged to experiment and‌ create without any limitations, resulting ⁤in truly unique and personalized gaming experiences.


The AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE APK, along with its MOD (Unlocked All) ‍version, serves⁢ as an essential tool for Minecraft PE players looking to take their⁢ gameplay experience to the next level. It provides ⁣an intuitive platform for individuals to express their creativity, customize the game’s elements, and unleash their imagination. With texture⁤ customization, entity behavior editing, and⁣ item creation features, players can design a Minecraft world that‍ is entirely their own. So, for those seeking to amplify their Minecraft PE adventure, the AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE APK is an invaluable resource that opens up endless ​possibilities for limitless fun.



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