FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS APK + MOD (Harm/Protection Multiplier)

So begins a new tale of crystals....
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Jul 5, 2023
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A contemporary crystallographic story thus begins.

A contemporary but tried-and-true RPG!

FINAL FANTASY: A NEW GAME FOR SMARTPHONES is SQUARE ENIX’s first sport aimed in the direction of a world market!
Play a brand-new RPG created within the timeless FINAL FANTASY style!

comprises characters from earlier FINAL FANTASY video games!

In your cellphone, take on this detailed plot!

d-and-true, but model new RPG!

SQUARE ENIX’s first title geared toward a worldwide viewers;
a model new FINAL FANTASY sport out there for smartphones!
Play a completely new RPG made in basic FINAL FANTASY model!

Contains characters
from previous FINAL FANTASY titles!

Take pleasure in this expansive storyline
proper in your cellphone!


-Easy battle function with technique!
Simple and interactive battles! Faucet the display to assault, however mix magic skills with tactical know-how to overpower your opponents in strategic maneuvers!Plus!
Prime quality CG animations of your favourite FINAL FANTASY summons!

-Search within the discipline and full dungeons!
Transfer characters via fields and dungeons to seek for objects, hidden paths, and new routes to your locations!
Discuss to individuals in cities to obtain quests. Full them to get objects, gil, and even uncommon objects!
It’s bought all the various options of an RPG in a straightforward moveable type!

– Enviornment PVP battles!
Battle different gamers and get to the highest!
Take your favourite occasion to battle in opposition to your rivals and combat for nice prizes!


The hopes and desires of
legendary warriors given life.

A world of crystals and the visions that slumber inside.

Harnessing the facility of the crystals,
mankind prospered, nations flourished.
However simply as day offers approach to night time,
that period of peace proved however a fleeting phantasm.

Now, as their world stands on the precipice
of smash, two younger knights summon visions
to their facet as they strike out on a journey
to chase the shadows.

So begins a brand new story of crystals,
and the heroes who would save them…
FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS APK v7.6.0 + MOD (Harm/Protection Multiplier)


The gaming industry has witnessed an upsurge in popularity over the years, with millions of players worldwide immersing themselves in various ⁢virtual worlds. One such⁤ game that has captivated gamers’ attention is⁢ Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Developed by Alim and ‌published by Square Enix, this mobile ⁤role-playing game has garnered⁤ a dedicated fan base due to its immersive storyline, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay. In this article, we will explore the latest version‍ of the game, Final Fantasy Brave‍ Exvius APK ⁤v7.6.0, along with a modification that includes⁣ a ​Harm/Protection Multiplier.

Game Overview:

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius brings together an exciting blend of classic Final Fantasy elements into a unique mobile gaming experience. Players‍ embark on a journey with a crew of characters, ​exploring various realms, battling ⁢enemies, and uncovering a deep and engaging‌ storyline. ⁤The game offers a‌ variety of features, including turn-based combat, character customization, and the ability to summon iconic Final Fantasy ⁢heroes to aid in the battles. With regular updates and additions to‌ the game, players always have new challenges to conquer and content to​ explore.

APK v7.6.0:

The latest version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius APK, version 7.6.0, introduces several enhancements‌ and new features to the game. These updates serve⁣ to improve the overall gaming experience and balance gameplay⁢ for all players. With improved graphics and sound quality,‌ players ​can⁢ immerse themselves even further into the ‌vibrant world​ of Final Fantasy.

Harm/Protection Multiplier MOD:

To enhance the gaming experience further, a modification ‌known as the Harm/Protection Multiplier has been incorporated into the APK. This mod enables players to adjust the damage and protection values, allowing them to either amplify or reduce the harm inflicted by enemies and the protection provided by allies. This modification adds an extra layer of strategy and customization to combat scenarios, enabling players to tailor the difficulty level to their preferences.

Benefits of the MOD:

The inclusion of the Harm/Protection Multiplier⁢ modification ‌in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius APK v7.6.0​ offers several advantages ⁢to players. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for players ⁤to experiment with different ​combat strategies and⁣ explore the depths of character abilities. The mod allows players to fine-tune ⁢the gameplay experience by striking ⁢a balance between ‍challenge and ease, catering to individual preferences. Additionally, the inclusion of such modifications extends the game’s lifespan, as players⁣ can tackle new challenges and scenarios with⁤ a​ fresh ⁢twist, even after ‌completing the main storyline.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius remains at the forefront of ⁣the mobile gaming industry, continuously captivating players with its⁣ engaging storyline, dynamic combat system, and high-quality graphics. With the release of version 7.6.0, the game has undergone significant​ improvements, further enhancing the overall gaming experience. ⁣The inclusion of the‍ Harm/Protection Multiplier modification in the APK allows players to personalize⁣ their combat scenarios, adding a new layer of depth⁣ to the gameplay. As Final Fantasy Brave Exvius continues to evolve and introduce new updates, fans can expect ⁢even more thrilling‌ adventures ​in ‌the future.



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