Grand Battle Royale Mod Apk V3.5.1 All Characters Unlocked

Grand Battle Royale Season 2018! If you like military blocky pixel games and battle royale games then you will definitely like Grand Battle Royale!
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Grand Battle Royale is a game where you have to move into different locations and fight with other people. By winning these matches, you can get a lot of money and rewards. There are different kinds of weapons in this game that you can collect and the characters in this game are like that of Minecraft. This is a battle Royale game and that’s why, you can fight with a lot of other players.

To get the new weapons, you have to move in different locations. There are different situations in which you have to find the solutions. A virus can also infect the players and will increase their powers but you have to fight with this virus and remove it from the world.

What is the Grand Battle Royale APK?

Grand Battle Royale is a game where you are going to see the Minecraft graphics which means that you are going to see the robotic characters who look much like the block characters. As this is a Battle Royale game, that’s why you have to participate in various missions and play the game with the online players. This game contains several modes and one of the most famous modes in this game is the survival mode. In this mode, you have to protect yourself from your Rivals and all the other Monsters.

Best Features of Grand Battle Royale MOD APK

A vast map to explore

This game contains a vast map in which you can visit different places. In each location, you are going to face a new mission and by completing these missions you can proceed further.

Collect Weapons

To get the different weapons in this game, you have to visit the different locations and by completing the Missions at these places, you can get the weapons.

Multiplayer battles

As this is the  Battle Royale game, that’s why you have to play this game with the online players. All of these players will try to attack you to save themselves and you have to defend yourself from their attacks.

Participate in Challenges

This game includes various challenges in which you can participate. This game is actually based on challenges and you have to complete these challenges to upgrade your character.

Hide in Different places

There are various places in this game where you can hide to protect yourself from the attacks of your Rivals.

Survival Mode

The most popular mode of this game is this survival mode. In this mode, you have to protect yourself from the bombs and the explosions that are happening in the city. You can also fight back with the Rivals to protect yourself.

What is the use of Mod of Grand Battle Royale APK?

The mod version of the Grand Battle Royale game is free from all the restrictions. In this game, you do not have to participate in various missions to collect money, as you are getting unlimited money in this game. You are also going to have a map that is free from restrictions. You can move to any place without completing the challenges.

New Features in Grand Battle Royale MOD APK

Unlimited Money

The modified version of Grand Battle Royale provides unlimited money; you can use this money to unlock the different locations on the map.

Unlocked Locations

There are no restrictions over the locations on the map and you can visit any place without any restriction.

No Restrictions

You are going to enjoy this game without any restrictions. You can move to any place, get any of your favourite weapons and get unlimited wealth without doing anything.

Free from advertisement

There are no ads in the modified version of the Grand Battle Royale game.

Why is Grand Battle Royale MOD APK so worth Downloading?

 In the regular version of Grand Battle Royale, you first have to complete the missions to unlock the new locations. It takes a lot of time because there are so many other players in this game. But in this Mod version, there are no such restrictions. If you do not like the challenge or the mission in a particular location, then you can simply move to any location as all of them are free from restrictions.


In this game, you are going to interact with a lot of online players and you are going to know about their strategies. There are a lot of missions in this game that you have to complete. But if you want to get rid of the restrictions in this game then you should download Grand battle Royale Mod APK.
Title:‌ “Grand Battle Royale Mod Apk V3.5.1: Unlocking All Characters for Enhanced‌ Gaming Experience”


In the‍ ever-evolving world of mobile gaming, Grand ⁢Battle Royale has emerged as one of the⁤ most captivating survival games available for Android devices. Recently, an​ updated Mod Apk version, V3.5.1, has taken the gaming community‍ by storm with its offering of unlocked characters, elevating gameplay to ⁢new heights. This article aims ‌to shed light on the benefits and impact of Grand Battle Royale Mod Apk V3.5.1, enabling players to explore a realm where⁣ every‍ character is ‌accessible, thereby enhancing immersive gaming experiences.

Character Unlocking:

One of the key features ⁣of Grand Battle Royale Mod Apk V3.5.1 is the provision to unlock all characters without any purchase restrictions. This modification allows players to avoid spending countless hours or real-world money to gradually unlock characters. With access to an expanded roster of diverse‍ characters, gamers can‍ choose their favorites and better strategize their‍ gameplay. This inclusive‌ approach adds ‌a layer of excitement and fosters ⁢a sense of ownership as players fully ‍immerse themselves in ‌the intense battle for survival.

Enhanced Variety and Strategic Gameplay:

By unlocking characters in Grand Battle ⁤Royale, players gain access to a vast array of⁣ unique abilities, skills, and characteristics. Each character possesses their own​ strengths and weaknesses, influencing combat tactics ⁤and overall ​strategies.⁣ Whether opting for a stealthy approach, high firepower, defensive capabilities, or specialized skills, players ⁢can now tailor their gameplay to suit their individual playstyle. The​ added variety unleashes ⁣new dimensions⁢ of strategy, increasing the depth and complexity of⁣ battles, and ensuring that no‍ two ⁣matches ⁢are the same.

Increased Motivation and Progression:

The enhanced gaming experience achieved through character unlocking in Grand Battle⁣ Royale Mod Apk V3.5.1 offers players a significant boost in motivation and progression. ‌The ability to unlock all characters removes the initial hurdles often encountered in conventional gameplay, allowing‍ players to dive into the game’s core mechanics more quickly. This sense of progression can significantly encourage‌ players​ to‍ invest more time exploring the game, honing their skills, and ⁣adapting to different playstyles. With an extensive character roster at their disposal, gamers‍ are more likely to enjoy long-term engagement with the game, fostering lasting interest and loyalty.

Community Building and Competitive Edge:

Grand Battle Royale’s unlocked characters create​ new ‌dimensions for community building and friendly competition among players. ‌The diverse range of characters encourages gamers to share strategies, tips, and tricks with each other, ⁣contributing to a thriving⁤ and interactive​ community. As players navigate the game’s challenges using different character combinations, they ‌can discuss and compare ​their experiences, forging new friendships and rivalries. This communal aspect of the modded⁤ version fosters healthy⁢ competition and opens doors to exciting ⁤collaborations, further enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Grand Battle Royale Mod Apk V3.5.1, with its all-character unlocking feature, provides an exhilarating twist to the survival gaming genre. This modification not only amplifies the ‌gameplay experience but ⁤also offers a myriad ‌of strategic possibilities, along with increased motivation and progression. The unlocked⁣ roster ⁣facilitates ⁣community building and ignites friendly competition among players, ​strengthening the overall enjoyment and longevity of the game. With the modifications provided ⁢in Grand Battle Royale ‌Mod Apk V3.5.1, players can fully immerse themselves in a world of versatile characters, unleashing their ultimate ‌gaming potential.



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