Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK (Patched)

Let us introduce Vera Outline Black, our shapeless linear android icon pack—a unique and stylish collection of black outlined glyph icons perfect for any modern Android phone. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, these icons feature clean lines and a minimalist design that will elevate the look and feel of your homescreen and app drawer. The pack includes over 5,356 icons, 40 wallpapers, and 9 KWGT widgets to complete the look of your homescreen. For the price of one app, you get content from three different apps! Our shapeless Vera Outline Black icon pack will take your homescreen design to the next level!
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Jul 17, 2023
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Vera Outline Black icon pack is a set of thin black linear (outline) icons, made for both light wallpapers and light setups in general. If you combine them with the walls and kwgt widgets we included in the pack you will have nice and clean minimal look you are looking for!

Pack contains
3,737 icons
30 wallpapers specially made to match the icons
8 KWGT widgets

We are updating our app at least twice per month, so be sure that you will see a lot more icons in the future. If you are impatient to see your requested icons in the next release there is an option for a Premium request. More about icon request in a separate section of this description.
We recommend to set the size of Vera Outline Black icon pack to 80-90% in launcher settings.

Vera Outline Black Features
Resolution of icons: 256 x 256 px
Suitable for light wallpapers and themes
Alternate icons for a lot of popular apps
Dynamic calendar icon
Masking of unthemed icons
Folders icons (must apply them manually)
Miscellaneous icons (must apply them manually)
Tap to send icon requests (Free and Premium)
High quality cloud wallpapers
Compatible KWGT widgets

Still thinking about buying? Don’t worry, we offer 100% refund in the first 24h from the purchase, just send us an email with your order id.

Please note that a custom launcher for Android is required – for example Nova launcher, Apex launcher, Niagara launcher, Lawnchair etc. It will not work with a lot of default launchers that comes with the phone (Google Now launcher etc.). How to apply on Samsung OneUI launcher:

How to send an icon request? Open our app and click on Request card. Check all icons you want to be themed and send request by pressing Floating Send button. You will get a share screen with options how to share request and you need to chose Gmail. When sending email, DO NOT delete generated zip file or change Subject and text in the body of the email – if you do that your request will become unusable!

How icon request works? Many of you ask when will you see icons you requested in our pack. Well, this is the case: We make icons by highest demand. We have our own software that makes a list of requested icons from all user requests. It sorts icons by the number of unique requests for certain app so the most demanded apps go to top of the list and therefore we make those icons first. Example: If 10 users requested the icon for the same app, there is a high probability that we will make that icon among the first ones, but if only 1 or 2 users requested the same app, don’t expect to see that icon soon because we have a lot of requested icons already. Icons from Premium requests are added in the next update from the time requested.

How to set wallpaper? Open our app and find the Wallpapers card, then select wallpaper you want and Set it or Download it.

How to search or find an alternate icon: Long press icon to replace on homescreen → Icon options → Edit → Tap icon → Select icon pack → Press arrow on top right to open icons. Swipe to access different categories or use search bar to find alternate icon, tap to replace, done!

Supported Launchers
Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • ADW ex Launcher • Apex Launcher • Go Launcher • Google Now Launcher • Holo Launcher • Holo ICS Launcher • Lawnchair • LG Home Launcher • LineageOS Launcher • Lucid Launcher • Nova Launcher • Niagara Launcher • Pixel Launcher • Posidon Launcher • Smart Launcher • Smart pro Launcher • Solo Launcher • Square Home Launcher • TSF Launcher
Other launchers can simply apply Vera Outline Black icons from your launcher settings.
Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack⁤ APK v5.0.1 (Patched)

In today’s digital age, personalization has ⁤become an important‍ aspect of ⁣our⁢ lives. Whether it’s the ⁢wallpaper on our⁤ phones or the icons that adorn our home‌ screens, we strive to make our⁢ devices ​reflect our individuality and taste. The Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v5.0.1 (Patched) is a delightful addition to the world of Android customization, offering⁢ users a‍ unique and sleek icon set that sets their device apart from the rest.

Icon packs are a ⁣popular way to revamp the ⁤aesthetic⁤ of our‌ smartphones. With hundreds – ⁣if not thousands – of options available on the market, finding the perfect one⁢ can be a‌ daunting ‌task. However, the Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v5.0.1 (Patched) stands out among⁤ the crowd with its minimalist‌ and stylish design.

Developed by an experienced team of designers, this icon pack offers a wide variety of icons meticulously crafted to ensure consistency ​and ⁣visual appeal. The Vera Outline Black pack boasts over 2,000 icons, each designed with‍ a clean ‍and elegant outline style. Whether you have a preference for dark-themed or light-themed setups, this APK has got you covered.

What sets this icon pack apart from others is the attention to detail. Each icon is thoughtfully designed with precision, ensuring that ⁣it ⁣looks crisp and aesthetically ⁤pleasing even on high-resolution displays. Whether you own a flagship device or a budget handset, ​the Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v5.0.1 (Patched) will elevate⁤ the overall look of your device to new heights.

In addition to the vast array of icons, the developers have also included an easy-to-use icon request feature. This allows users to request custom icons for their favorite apps ⁣that ⁢may not ‍yet​ be included in the pack. The developers promptly respond to⁢ these requests, ⁢ensuring that you can achieve a cohesive and well-curated home screen.

Installation of the Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack⁣ APK ‍v5.0.1 (Patched) is a​ breeze. Users can easily download the APK file from trusted‍ sources online and install it on their Android devices. The pack supports popular third-party⁢ home ‌screen launchers such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Lawnchair Launcher, ensuring seamless integration with your device’s interface.

While the APK is patched, meaning that it ⁤is free from any ‍annoying advertisements or limitations, it is important to note that supporting the developers through​ donations or purchasing the icon pack can go a long way in helping future development ​and updates.

In conclusion, ​the Vera⁣ Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v5.0.1 (Patched) offers Android users a visually stunning ⁤and versatile ‌way to personalize their‍ devices. With its extensive collection⁣ of icons, attention to detail, and user-friendly features, it is a standout choice for anyone looking to elevate the aesthetics of their smartphone. So why settle for a generic look when you can have a unique and stylish device that is an extension of your personality?⁤ Give the Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v5.0.1 (Patched) a‌ try and discover a world of endless customization possibilities.


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  1. My grandma says this plugin is interesting., My mom says this plugin is very clever. says:

    I love the simplicity and elegance of this black outline plugin. It adds a touch of sophistication to any design.

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    This black outline plugin is the perfect addition to create sleek and modern designs. I can’t wait to try it out!

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