F Class Adventurer APK + MOD (Menu, Immortal)

"It.. it can't be.. Am I really F-class?!"
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Jul 13, 2023
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F Class Adventurer MOD APK is an action game with automation to let you feel the epic journey from the bottom of society to the top of glory with effort.

About F Class Adventurer

F Class Adventurer is a role-playing game (RPG) available on Android and iOS devices.


Playing F Class Adventurer, you are an adventurer with unimpressive skills, and in hand, there is no valuable weapon or equipment. But you are brave and do not back down. Not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of danger, the character you are impersonating is willing to go everywhere, visit, explore, discover all the strange things, fight with countless enemy monsters just to get what you need.

Soon with this unyielding tenacity, you have slowly climbed the higher ranks of adventurer. Finally, through many ups and downs, life-threatening challenges, you have completely conquered the adventurer race track, officially becoming the greatest S-class adventurer of all time.


F Class Adventurer features a traditional RPG storyline, with players embarking on a quest to save the world from a great evil. The game’s story is told through dialogue with non-playable characters and cutscenes that advance the plot. Along the way, players will discover the history and lore of the game’s world and encounter a variety of interesting characters.


F Class Adventurer is a traditional turn-based RPG that features a variety of quests, dungeons, and boss battles. Players create a party of adventurers, each with their own unique abilities and equipment, and explore a fantasy world filled with monsters and treasure. The game’s combat system is based on turn-based battles, with players taking turns to attack and use abilities.


F Class Adventurer features 2D graphics with a retro pixel art style. The game’s world is colorful and detailed, with a variety of environments to explore, including forests, dungeons, and towns. The game also features detailed character portraits and animations that bring the game’s characters to life.


The game’s controls are simple and intuitive, with players using taps and swipes to navigate menus and select actions in battles. The game also features an auto-battle mode that allows players to automate battles and focus on exploration and questing.


F Class Adventurer is a moderately challenging game that offers a variety of difficulty options to suit different play styles. Players can choose from easy, normal, or hard modes, and the game’s difficulty increases as players progress through the story.

Overall, F Class Adventurer is a well-designed and engaging RPG that offers a traditional gaming experience with retro pixel art graphics. Its turn-based combat system, variety of quests and dungeons, and engaging storyline make it a popular choice for fans of RPGs on both Android and iOS devices.

MOD APK version of F Class Adventurer

MOD features

  • Mega Attack Speed Multiplier
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Dump Enemy

Title: Exploring F Class Adventurer APK + MOD (Menu,⁢ Immortal) v1.19.01: A Simulation Adventure Game


F Class Adventurer APK + MOD (Menu, Immortal) v1.19.01 is a riveting simulation adventure game that offers players an immersive experience. In this article, we will discuss ‌the key features, gameplay, and the available modifications in⁤ this ‌version of⁣ the game.

1. Overview of ‍F​ Class Adventurer:

F Class Adventurer is a popular game that enables players to embark on an exciting journey ​to become an esteemed S-class hero. The game involves annihilating monsters, conquering powerful bosses, and overcoming various challenges. The APK + MOD version of F Class Adventurer offers additional features and modifications to enhance the gameplay experience.

2. Key Features:

a) Engaging Simulation Adventure: F ⁤Class Adventurer provides players ‌with‌ a captivating simulation adventure⁤ where they can explore different environments, combat monsters, and progress through thrilling quests.

b) Challenging Gameplay: ⁢Players⁢ will face diverse challenges⁤ while navigating through the game, including‍ battling powerful bosses and completing quests ⁢that test their skills and strategy.

c) Modification Options: The APK + MOD version of F Class Adventurer v1.19.01 offers additional modifications to‍ enhance ‌the⁤ gameplay experience. Some of the ‌notable modifications include menu options, immortality, attack speed⁣ boosts, and more.

3. Gameplay:

F Class Adventurer provides ‌an immersive gaming experience with its rich gameplay mechanics.​ Players ​can engage in combat with ‌monsters using various weapons and abilities. By defeating enemies and completing quests, players can earn rewards,‌ experience points, and enhance their character’s abilities.

4. Modifications in F Class Adventurer APK + MOD (Menu, Immortal) v1.19.01:

The MOD version of F Class⁤ Adventurer v1.19.01 ⁣offers several exciting modifications. These modifications include:

– Menu Options: The modded version provides a menu interface that offers additional controls and customization options.

– ‍Immortality: Players can enjoy invincibility, eliminating the ⁤fear of losing their character during⁤ battles.

– Attack⁣ Speed Boost: The mod ensures faster ⁢attack speed,‌ allowing players to defeat enemies swiftly⁤ and efficiently.


F Class Adventurer APK + MOD (Menu,⁣ Immortal) v1.19.01 presents an enthralling simulation adventure ⁤game ‌where‌ players‌ can enjoy‍ an immersive ⁢experience. With​ its engaging gameplay, challenging quests, and exciting⁣ modifications, players can delve into a world of monsters, bosses, and heroic adventures. Whether you ‍prefer the⁢ original version⁤ or the modded edition, F Class Adventurer offers hours of thrilling gameplay. So, gear up, become an S-class hero, and conquer the challenges that await you.

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