PUBG Mobile Lite APK + MOD (Unlocked Skin, ESP, Mega Menu): Enjoy Enhanced Gameplay with Version!

PUBG MOBILE LITE uses Unreal Engine 4 and builds on the original PUBG MOBILE gameplay to create action-packed Arena Mode matches lasting 10 minutes or less. The streamlined game requires only 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly.
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PUBG MOBILE LITE Mod APK features the most intoxicating and authentic modern battlefield gameplay for everyone to express their boundless creativity to survive and reign everything with explosion and violence.


PUBG MOBILE LITE is a battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation for mobile devices. It is a lighter version of the popular game PUBG MOBILE, designed to run on low-end Android devices. The game was released in 2019 and has gained popularity among players who want to enjoy the experience of a battle royale game on their budget smartphones.


PUBG MOBILE LITE is a multiplayer game that involves 60 players dropped on an island, where they have to fight to be the last one standing. The game offers two modes of gameplay: Classic and Arcade. In the Classic mode, players have to survive on the island for as long as possible while killing other players to be the last one standing. The Arcade mode is a quicker game mode where players have to score the maximum number of points within a limited time frame.

Players start the game with nothing and have to scavenge for weapons, ammo, and supplies on the island. They have to explore the island, enter buildings, and look for loot. The island is also filled with vehicles that players can use to move around quickly. Players can form teams and communicate with their teammates through voice chat to strategize and coordinate their attacks.

The game is set in a shrinking play zone, which means that the players have to keep moving towards the center of the play zone to avoid getting caught outside the safe area. The shrinking play zone forces the players to encounter each other more often, making the game more intense as the play zone shrinks.

Graphics and Sound

PUBG MOBILE LITE offers excellent graphics that are optimized for low-end devices. The game features realistic visuals with detailed textures and animations that make the game feel more immersive. The game also features sound effects that create a realistic environment, such as the sound of footsteps, gunfire, and vehicle engines. The sound effects are synchronized with the gameplay, making the game more engaging.


The game offers intuitive touch controls that are easy to use, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. The controls include a virtual joystick for movement, buttons for actions such as shooting and picking up items, and gyroscope controls for aiming. The game also features customizable controls, allowing players to adjust the layout of the buttons and the sensitivity of the gyroscope controls to suit their playstyle.


The game’s multiplayer mode is the highlight of the game, as it allows players to team up with their friends and compete against other players online. The game features a matchmaking system that matches players of similar skill levels, ensuring a fair and balanced gameplay experience. The game also features a ranking system that tracks the player’s performance and awards them with rewards and titles based on their rank.

Game Modes

PUBG MOBILE LITE offers two game modes: Classic and Arcade. The Classic mode is the traditional battle royale mode where players have to survive on the island and be the last one standing. The Arcade mode is a faster-paced mode where players have to score points by completing specific tasks within a limited time frame. The game also features other limited-time game modes that offer unique gameplay experiences.

In-game purchases

The game offers in-game purchases that allow players to buy cosmetic items such as skins, outfits, and emotes. The game also features a battle pass system that rewards players with exclusive items for completing daily and weekly missions. The in-game purchases are entirely optional and do not affect the gameplay experience.

Overall, PUBG MOBILE LITE is an excellent battle royale game that offers a great experience for players on low-end devices. The game’s optimized graphics, intuitive controls, and multiplayer mode make it an engaging game that is worth playing. The game is free to download


MOD features

– Libbased skinhack
Legendary mummy skin
Princess skin
Medium maskeli skin
White prince skin
Legendary korkusu skin
Anniversary skin
Legendary brilliant anniversary skin
Elf skin
Masked psychic robe skin
Iron tortoise skin
M4 Godzilla skin
Legendary M4 skin
AWM Godzilla skin
AKM Anubis skin
Legendary AKM Grafity fall skin
– Esp line
– Esp health
– Esp box
– Esp name
– Esp distance
– Esp skeleton
– Esp enemy count
– Esp bots/AI
– Esp items
– X kill effect (Default)
– X kill effect (Rainbow)
– X kill effect (Big size)
– Smoke color
– Bullets spread color
– WallHack (Remove objects/Show enemy)
– Remove shading
– Color shading (Purple)
– Removed/Yellow/Purple/Red fog
– Black sky
– Black body
– Desert map
– Yellow/Blue/Green player Hud
– AimBot visible 360°
– Silent aimbot 360°
Aim distance
Aim type (Bodyshot/Headshot)
Aim fov
Aim when (Shoot/Scope/Universal)
Aim trigger
Aim ignore knocked enemy
Prediction by aim

Title: ⁤PUBG Mobile Lite APK + MOD (Unlocked Skin, ESP, Mega Menu): Enjoy Enhanced Gameplay with v0.25.0 Version!


PUBG Mobile Lite, a lighter version of the popular battle royale game PUBG‌ Mobile,‍ has‌ gained⁣ immense popularity among ⁣mobile gamers. With its optimized gameplay ⁣for low-end devices, PUBG Mobile Lite offers a thrilling ‍experience even on ⁤budget smartphones. In this​ article, we will explore the PUBG Mobile Lite APK and MOD features, such as Unlocked Skin, ESP, and Mega Menu, and how they enhance the gameplay,⁣ specifically‍ in the latest ⁢v0.25.0 version.

1. What is PUBG Mobile‌ Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite is a​ lightweight ‌adaptation ⁢of PUBG Mobile designed for devices with ​lower specifications. It​ retains the core ⁣gameplay elements of the original game, providing an intense battle royale experience on⁣ Android devices with limited resources.

2. PUBG‍ Mobile Lite APK:

The PUBG Mobile Lite ‍APK refers ‍to the application package‍ file that contains‍ the installation files for PUBG Mobile Lite. By downloading and installing the APK, players can access the game on⁤ their Android devices ‍without⁣ the need for the Google Play Store.

3. Enhanced Gameplay‍ with MOD Features:

a) ⁤Unlocked ⁣Skin:

The MOD version of PUBG Mobile Lite offers ​Unlocked Skin,⁢ allowing players ‍to⁤ customize ⁤their character’s appearance, weapons, and vehicles with a wide range of exclusive skins. This feature adds a visual flair to the game and allows players to stand⁣ out ‌from the crowd.

b) ‌ESP (Extra ⁢Sensory Perception):

With ESP, a powerful feature ‌available in⁣ the MOD version, ‌players can gain an advantage⁣ by being able ⁤to ⁣see the location ⁣of other players through walls, terrain, or‍ any other obstacles. This⁤ provides tactical advantages, allowing‍ players to plan ⁢their ⁣movements and engagements strategically.

c) Mega Menu:

Another exciting feature offered in the MOD version is the Mega Menu. This menu gives players access to⁢ a‍ host of ‍additional options ⁤and settings, enabling them to further ⁤customize their gameplay experience. ⁢From in-game settings to quick shortcuts, the Mega Menu ⁣enhances convenience and control.

4. v0.25.0 Version Update:

The ​v0.25.0 version of PUBG Mobile Lite introduces​ several improvements‍ and new features to enhance the gameplay experience. ⁤This update likely includes‌ bug ⁣fixes, performance optimizations,⁤ and ⁢potentially new maps, weapons, and limited-time events. Players‍ can expect smoother ‌gameplay ⁢and ⁢additional content ⁤in this version.


PUBG Mobile ​Lite‌ APK + MOD (Unlocked Skin, ESP, ⁣Mega Menu) offers an enhanced gameplay experience for players who enjoy ⁣the excitement ‌of battle royale games on their Android⁤ devices. With the latest⁢ v0.25.0 version, players can look forward⁢ to improved performance and potential ⁣new content. Whether it’s the ability to customize their appearance, ⁤gain an edge‍ with‍ ESP, or access the convenient Mega Menu, PUBG Mobile​ Lite MOD ensures an enjoyable and ⁣enthralling gaming experience for all fans.


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