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“As we’ve come to expect from Handelabra, the digital version is flawless.” - David Neumann,
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Handelabra Games
Nov 18, 2021
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*** NOTICE: There is a critical bug in Google Play Store v10.7.17 and v10.7.18 that can prevent the game from working. Google has fixed the bug in v10.7.19 and you can download it here or wait for an automatic update. ***


“As we’ve come to expect from Handelabra, the digital version is flawless.” – David Neumann,

“One Deck Dungeon offers a wealth of strategic gameplay.” – Christian Valentin,

“A surprisingly deep dungeon crawler with vital decisions to be made at every turn.” –


Adventure calls… but you don’t always have time to spend hours optimizing your character sheet or managing your inventory! One Deck Dungeon lets you jump right in to bashing down doors, rolling dice, and squashing baddies with style. Get a full roguelike game experience, boiled down to its essence, and captured in a single deck of cards and a handful of dice!

One Deck Dungeon is a dungeon crawling adventure game for one or two players. Each time you play, choose one or two of these 5 brave heroes:

• Mage – There’s rarely a problem in the dungeon she can’t solve with a spell.
• Warrior – Her favorite dungeon activity is squashing her opponents immediately.
• Rogue – Watch in awe as she dispatches monsters with style.
• Archer – Accurate, brilliant, catastrophically deadly.
• Paladin – She seeks out danger and shields her allies from deadly enemies.

After every game, your heroes make progress toward unlocking up to 15 new talents, building up their power for future games.

There are 5 dangerous challenges to face:

• Dragon’s Cave – The thick-skinned wyvern who occupies this dungeon prefers her heroes on the crispy side.
• Yeti’s Cavern- If you can survive the freezing winds and biting cold, an abominable snowman awaits.
• Hydra’s Reef – Chop off one head, and another appears! This regenerating venomous monstrosity is a slippery foe.
• Lich’s Tomb – Hordes of undead foes, evil curses, and magical wards. What could possibly go wrong?
• Minotaur’s Maze – Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

Expansion cards are available via In App Purchase:

• Caliana – This faerie has decided that dungeoneering looks fun! Don’t let her get bored…
• Fanatic – A righteous Sentinel is here to smite evil wherever it may lurk!
• Witch – Her chaotic magic hammer is ready to smash glooping oozes into glooping puddles!
• Cinder Plains – The Hellhound awaits those reckless enough to venture here…
• Phoenix’s Den – Only the bravest heroes can handle the heat!
• More soon to come!

Once you know your way around the dungeon, a game takes about 15 minutes. It might take a little longer if you’re learning, or a lot shorter if you jump into a pit of spikes.

Warning: do not jump into a pit of spikes.

All cards in One Deck Dungeon have many colorful boxes. Roll your dice, and attempt to fill in as many boxes as possible. For every one you don’t fill, you’ll suffer consequences in hearts and time! Once you complete an encounter you’ll be able to learn a new skill, acquire a new item, or gain experience to level up your hero.

Welcome to the world of One Deck Dungeon. Adventure awaits!

One Deck Dungeon is compatible with Android tablet devices 7 inches or bigger with NEON CPU support. Older devices with Tegra 2 CPUs are not compatible. The recommended minimum amount of device RAM is 1 GB.

One Deck Dungeon is an officially licensed product of “One Deck Dungeon” from Asmadi Games.

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One Deck Dungeon ‍1.2.1 + Mod ‌+ Data: The Perfect Gaming Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, gaming has become an integral part of ‌people’s lives. Whether it be ⁣on‌ smartphones, consoles, or computers, there is a vast array of options available to cater to different gaming ‍preferences. ‌One such game that has caught ⁢the attention of many gaming enthusiasts is One Deck Dungeon 1.2.1.

One Deck Dungeon is a highly immersive and​ addictive ⁤game that ​offers a unique​ and⁢ captivating ‍gaming experience. Developed by Handelabra Games, it has gained immense popularity due to its engaging gameplay, stunning ​visuals, and a wide range ‌of features that keep players ⁣hooked ⁤for hours on end.

The game is set in a⁢ mystical dungeon where players take on the ⁣role of brave adventurers, striving to overcome ⁤challenges and defeat powerful foes. The objective is to explore the dungeon,‌ gather loot, defeat the ‌dungeon’s denizens, and ultimately conquer the mighty boss that awaits at the final⁤ level.

One of the standout features that sets One Deck Dungeon apart from ⁢other games is its simplicity. The‍ gameplay ⁢is ⁣incredibly easy to grasp, making it accessible to both casual gamers and seasoned⁢ veterans. Players navigate ‌through each level by rolling dice and strategically choosing actions ⁣to overcome the obstacles thrown in their path. However, with limited resources and an ever-present countdown⁤ timer, players must carefully plan their ⁢moves and make the most of ⁣the cards and skills available to them.

Furthermore, One Deck Dungeon offers incredible replay value. Each playthrough is unique, as ​players can choose from a variety ⁤of⁤ different​ heroes, each with their own set of abilities and​ playstyles. This ensures that no two games are ever the same, and players are constantly faced with new challenges and opportunities. With multiple‌ difficulty levels and ​a myriad of abilities and​ items to unlock, the‍ game ⁢caters to ⁣both casual gamers looking for a quick gaming session and hardcore gamers seeking a more challenging experience.

One Deck Dungeon ​1.2.1 brings even​ more excitement to the table with ‌its mod and data features. The mod ‍feature allows players to customize their gaming experience by adding new characters, cards, and abilities, enhancing the game’s replayability⁤ and adding a‌ sense of personalization. Additionally, the inclusion of data ensures ⁣that players can ‌save their progress⁢ and continue their adventure at any time, making it a perfect game ‌for​ those on the go or with ⁤limited playtime available.

Visually, One Deck Dungeon⁤ is a treat for the eyes. The game features stunning hand-drawn artwork‌ that brings ⁣the dungeon’s atmosphere to life. The ‍detailed illustrations and vibrant colors add‍ a layer of immersion to the gameplay, allowing players to truly feel like they are venturing​ deep into a perilous dungeon filled with treasures and danger.

In​ conclusion, One Deck Dungeon 1.2.1 + Mod + Data is a must-have game for any avid gamer. ​With its ⁣simple yet addictive‌ gameplay, incredible replay value, and stunning​ visuals, it promises hours of entertainment and a truly immersive gaming experience. Whether you are a casual player ⁢looking for a ‌quick session or a seasoned veteran seeking a challenging adventure, One Deck‌ Dungeon⁤ is sure to satisfy your gaming cravings. Get ready to ​roll the dice,‍ make strategic choices, and conquer the dungeon like never before.


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