PROJECT:DRIFT APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Free purchases) v86

Design your own car and show the difference!
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Jun 22, 2023
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BYCODEC GAMES released PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0. Beta versions of a few features are now available. Racetracks abound in the virtual world of this game. Drive on city streets. Avoid road hazards by driving cautiously.


Project: Drift 2.0 is a racing game developed by the CarX Technologies company. The game is set in a fictional world where players compete in drift races against each other. The game was released in 2018 and quickly gained popularity due to its realistic graphics, physics engine, and addictive gameplay. In this article, we will provide a detailed description of the game, its features, and gameplay mechanics.


Project: Drift 2.0 is a single-player and multiplayer racing game where players compete in drift races. The game features a range of vehicles that players can choose from, each with unique handling, acceleration, and top speed. Players can customize their vehicles with various upgrades, including engine tuning, suspension upgrades, and brake improvements, to improve their performance on the track.

The game features a range of tracks that are based on real-world locations, including Japan, Russia, and the United States. Each track has a different layout and surface, which affects how the car handles during the race. Players can also customize their cars’ appearance with various paint schemes and decals.

During races, players are scored based on how well they drift around corners. Drifting involves oversteering the car and maintaining a controlled slide around the corner. The longer the drift, the higher the score. The game’s physics engine is designed to simulate realistic drifting, with the car’s weight and momentum affecting its handling during the drift.

The game features three main modes: Career mode, Multiplayer mode, and Free mode. In Career mode, players progress through a series of races and challenges, earning money and reputation points along the way. The money can be used to purchase new vehicles and upgrades, while the reputation points are used to unlock new tracks and events.

In Multiplayer mode, players can compete against each other in online races. The game supports both ranked and unranked matches, with players earning points and rewards for their performance. Free mode allows players to practice their drifting skills on any track without any time limits or opponents.


Project: Drift 2.0 is packed with features that make it a compelling and addictive racing game. Some of the standout features include:

  • Realistic graphics: The game features realistic 3D graphics that bring the tracks and vehicles to life. The attention to detail is impressive, with each car modeled accurately, down to the smallest details.
  • Physics engine: The game’s physics engine is designed to simulate realistic drifting, with the car’s weight and momentum affecting its handling during the drift. The engine also simulates the effects of different surfaces, such as tarmac and dirt.
  • Customization: Players can customize their vehicles with various upgrades and visual modifications. There are dozens of different upgrades available, including engine tuning, suspension upgrades, and brake improvements. Players can also customize their car’s appearance with various paint schemes and decals.
  • Multiplayer: The game features both local and online multiplayer modes. In online multiplayer, players can compete against each other in ranked and unranked matches, with rewards and points awarded for their performance.
  • Soundtrack: The game features an upbeat electronic soundtrack that complements the fast-paced action on the track. The soundtrack is composed of original tracks created specifically for the game.
  • Challenges: The game features a range of challenges and achievements that players can complete to earn rewards and reputation points. These challenges range from completing races within a certain time limit to achieving a certain score during a drift.


Project: Drift 2.0 is a thrilling and addictive racing game that offers a realistic drifting experience. With its realistic graphics, physics engine, and customizable vehicles, the game offers plenty of replayability and challenges for players of all skill levels.

MOD APK version of PROJECT:DRIFT 2.0

MOD features

MOD v1

  • Unlimited Money

Click to buy in the store to increase the currency!

MOD v2

  • You can make purchases even if you don’t have enough in-game currency;
  • Ads will not be shown after the card is selected;
  • All cars and parts in the Customize section are open.

TITLE:​ PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Free purchases) v86: A Game-Changing Experience


In ⁢an era dominated by technologically advanced‍ smartphones, mobile gaming has emerged as a popular pastime for millions⁢ worldwide. Enthusiastic gamers are constantly seeking newer, more thrilling experiences that ⁣push ⁢the boundaries of entertainment. ‍Among the diverse range of mobile gaming ⁢genres, ⁢racing games have always held ​a special place. And when it comes to immersive, adrenaline-filled racing games, one title ⁤that stands out is PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0 APK⁣ + MOD.

Unlimited ⁣Money and Free Purchases:

PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0 APK + MOD offers ⁤a tantalizing gaming experience enhanced by ⁢the inclusion of unlimited money and⁢ free purchases. This feature allows players ⁤to explore the⁢ game to ⁣its fullest potential, removing the limitations typically ‍associated with unlocking premium content or making⁤ in-game‌ purchases. With unlimited money, players can customize their vehicles with the latest upgrades, modifications, and ⁤accessories, creating a truly unique racing experience.

What ⁢Sets PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0 APK + MOD⁣ Apart:

This game sets itself apart​ from its ​counterparts⁣ by offering​ breathtaking graphics and realistic physics⁢ that immerse players in an authentic racing world.‍ The attention to detail in the car models, tracks, and‍ environments is truly ​remarkable.‍ The ⁢game developers have spared no effort in⁣ ensuring that every aspect of the gameplay replicates the thrill and ⁤excitement of ‍drifting through challenging courses.

Intuitive Controls ⁣and Realistic Gameplay:

In⁤ PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0 APK ‌+ MOD, players will find themselves instantly addicted to‌ the ​intuitive and ​responsive controls, offering a seamless gaming experience. The physics engine has been meticulously ⁢designed to⁤ reflect real-life driving ⁤dynamics, making ‍every drift, turn, and maneuver ⁤feel like the ⁤real deal. Players can unlock and try out a wide range⁢ of vehicles, each ⁢with its own unique characteristics, ensuring a ⁤diverse and exciting gameplay experience.

Thrilling ⁤Tracks and Challenging Courses:

The⁤ game ⁣offers a variety ‍of challenging tracks⁢ and courses, ranging from city⁤ streets to mountainous terrains and ⁤even deserts. Each course presents its own set of obstacles and challenges, requiring players to master their​ drifting skills and make split-second decisions.⁢ The variety of tracks‍ ensures that players never get bored and continuously face new challenges.

Compete with Friends and​ Global Players:

PROJECT: DRIFT 2.0 APK ‍+ MOD‍ takes the racing experience to the ‌next level by providing an extensive multiplayer mode.⁤ Players ​can compete against their friends or go head-to-head with⁢ global players in real-time races,‍ testing their skills and⁣ earning rewards. This competitive aspect ​adds another layer of excitement, making the game ⁣even more engaging and immersive.


In summary, ​PROJECT: ‌DRIFT 2.0‍ APK + MOD is⁢ a game that delivers an​ exceptional racing experience⁢ on mobile devices. With its ​unlimited money and free purchases feature, players can enjoy the game‌ to ⁤its fullest potential, customizing their vehicles and exploring a vast⁣ array of thrilling tracks. Its realistic physics, intuitive⁢ controls, and​ multiplayer ‍mode ‌further enhance the overall‍ experience, ⁢making it⁤ a must-play for​ any fan of racing games. Get behind the virtual steering wheel⁤ and embark‍ on ⁣an ​exhilarating journey filled with tire-squealing drifts, heart-pounding races, and unforgettable moments.



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