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The zombies are revolting ! Attack the city with a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies and create the largest horde.
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Apr 7, 2023
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There are a lot of games in which you have to run away from Zombies and kill them with the help of weapons. But in a Zombie Tsunami, you are going to do the opposite which means that you are going to control the Zombies. There are different types of zombies in this game. For example, you can get Zombie Birds, Dragons, Ninja zombies and so many others.

You have to unlock them by completing the levels and then you can use them during the game. Your zombies can even travel to different parts of the world so that they can kill as many people as they want. You can also play with your friends and eat your friends to increase the power of your Zombies.

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Zombie Tsunami is a game in which you can control zombies. You have to eat as many people as you can as a zombie. There are different types of zombies in this game that you can unlock. For example, you can get Ninja zombies, Dragon zombies And The Zombie Birds as well. You can travel to different places of the world and own the area by killing people. This game also includes the multiplayer mode in which you can eat your friends.

Features of Zombie Tsunami APK

Cartoon Graphics

In Zombie Tsunami, you are going to see cartoon graphics in which you have to control the Zombies by intuitive touch controls. You can get a zombie Army that will help you to move to different places and eat people.

Control Zombies

In Zombie Tsunami, instead of killing the Zombies you have to play the role of a zombie and you have to eat people and different things to increase the number of zombies and their power. You can move into different places to eat people.

Different types of Zombies

This game features a variety of zombies that you can unlock by completing the levels. You can get dragon zombies, Ninja zombies and you can even have the Zombie Birds that can dodge The Attacks easily.

Upgrade your Skills

As you proceed in this game, you will be able to upgrade the skills of your Zombies so that they can become more powerful and they can easily protect themselves from the attacks of the people.

Travel to different places

In a Zombie Tsunami, you can travel to different places in the world and eat the people to show that you are powerful. It will help you to level up your character and to get boosters as well.

Eat your friends

There is also a multiplayer mode in this game where you can travel to the world of your friends and you can even eat your friends to increase your rank in the game.

Collect Boosters

There are 10 different boosters in this game that you can collect. These boosters will help you to make your zombies powerful and they will be able to protect themselves from the attacks.

Online Missions

This game includes a lot of online missions that will help you to earn rewards. You can participate in these quests and unlock new zombies as well.

Unlocked Zombies

If you download the pro version of Zombie Tsunami then you will get unlocked zombies which means that you can use any zombies in this game without any restrictions.

Unlimited Money

The pro version of Zombie Tsunami will also provide you with unlimited money.

Why do people like Zombie Tsunami Pro APK?

People like Zombie Tsunami Pro APK because in this version, they will get unlimited money that will help them to upgrade their zombies. All the different types of Zombies are also unlocked in this version which means that they do not have to complete levels to get their favourite zombies. They can easily attack in any country and at anyone that they want.

Download Zombie Tsunami Pro APK Latest Version 2023

If you download Zombie Tsunami Pro APK then you will get rid of all the restrictions as all the Zombies are unlocked in this version. But you have to pay the subscription charges of this game to get these features.

Zombie Tsunami APK 2023 Download

To get the latest features of this game you can download Zombie Tsunami APK 2023.

Final Verdict

Zombie Tsunami is an exciting game in which you can play as zombies and you can attack different people. You can also unlock different types of zombies in this game. But in order to get rid of all the restrictions in this game, you can download Zombie Tsunami pro APK.


Q. How do you unlock new Zombies in Zombie Tsunami APK?

You have to complete levels to unlock new zombies in this game.

Q. Can I play Zombie Tsunami with my friends?

Yes, you can play Zombie Tsunami with your friends.

Title:​ Zombie Tsunami Apk v4.5.128: A Thrilling Mobile Gaming Experience with⁤ Unlimited Money


In the world of mobile gaming, ⁢Zombie Tsunami has ​established ⁣itself as one of the most​ engaging and thrilling games available to players ‌of⁣ all ages. Offering an exciting arcade-style‍ gameplay, the Zombie Tsunami Apk v4.5.128 takes this ⁣experience to a whole new level, providing players with unlimited money to enhance their in-game‌ progression. This article explores the key features and the limitless potential ​this version offers to gaming enthusiasts.

Unlimited Money: An Unmatched Advantage

The Zombie​ Tsunami Apk v4.5.128 ⁢brings a ⁤unique twist to the game, offering an unlimited money feature that gives players the freedom to expand their zombie horde and unlock various power-ups effortlessly. With this advantage, players can ‌quickly progress through levels, purchase exclusive items, and⁣ gain an upper hand in​ gameplay strategy.⁤ The acquisition of unlimited money serves as a ‍catalyst for players seeking an unmatched gaming experience, allowing the game to be enjoyed to its fullest potential.

Enhanced Gameplay and Unlocked Potential

The Zombie​ Tsunami Apk v4.5.128 allows gamers‌ to dive into a captivating world where ⁢they⁢ control a ‌growing horde of zombies, aiming to devour⁢ everything in their‌ path. The unlimited money feature enhances this gameplay by enabling players to unlock exclusive ⁣abilities, such ⁣as zombie balloons, ninjas, and even ‍dragons, further amplifying the thrilling elements of the game. These additions not only enhance the overall experience but also​ provide players with the necessary tools ⁤to tackle challenging obstacles⁢ with ease.

Endless Customization Options

In addition to ‌the gameplay enhancements, Zombie Tsunami Apk v4.5.128 offers⁢ players a plethora of customization options to personalize their gaming experience. The unlimited money ⁤feature enables players to ⁣access a wide range of cosmetic items, outfits, and accessories‍ to dress up their zombies, distinguishing‌ their ⁤horde from others. This customization element not ‌only adds⁢ a creative dimension but also fosters a sense of ownership, as players can truly make their horde unique and stand out‌ from⁣ others in ⁢the‍ game.

User-Friendly Interface and Compatibility

The Zombie Tsunami Apk v4.5.128 is designed with a user-friendly interface that caters to gamers of all ages and⁣ backgrounds. Whether​ you are a seasoned player or new to the gaming world, the intuitive controls and responsive gameplay make it easy to navigate through the various levels and challenges. Furthermore, ⁣the compatibility of the Apk ⁣with both Android and iOS platforms ensures a seamless experience across different devices, providing‍ accessibility to⁢ a ‍larger user base.


The Zombie Tsunami Apk v4.5.128 with unlimited money is undeniably a game-changer, allowing⁢ players to explore an exciting and immersive world without limitations. With the ability to unlock an array of ⁢power-ups, enhance‌ gameplay, ​and personalize their zombie horde, gamers can truly experience the thrill and excitement ‍that Zombie Tsunami has to offer. Download the Zombie Tsunami‌ Apk v4.5.128 now and embark‍ on an unforgettable gaming adventure, where limitless opportunities await​ your undead army.



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