7 Sexy Sins APK + MOD (MENU, Immortal)

Battle against beautiful demons.
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Zai Studio
Mar 17, 2021
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Prepare to be seduced by the 7 Deadly Sins like never before in ​7 Sexy Sins! This daring game introduces 7 irresistibly attractive Demon Lords⁤ on ⁢a mischievous mission that will captivate you.

Discover the⁤ World of‍ 7 ⁣Sexy⁣ Sins

Indulge​ in the allure of the 7 Deadly Sins, encounter the enigmatic Demon Lords, and ‍unlock the thrilling Gates ⁤that await you!

What Makes 7 Sexy Sins Unique?

7 Sexy Sins is not your average game. It’s not for the faint of heart‌ or the young at heart. We want to make ​it ‍clear ​from the start that this is not your typical heroic warrior game. 7 Sexy Sins takes a⁢ different approach,‍ one that is neither offensive nor overly⁣ revealing. Instead, it entices players⁢ with a slow and⁣ immersive experience.‌ The excitement⁤ builds gradually as you progress ‌through each level. Let’s delve into what makes 7 Sexy⁤ Sins‍ a game to‍ look forward to.

Unveiling the Story

Step into a fairy tale world as 7 Sexy Sins‌ begins with the timeless ‌phrase “once upon ‍a time.” ​After God finished creating everything, ⁣boredom set in. That’s when Rachel, a mischievous and playful angel, presented⁢ God with ‍a forbidden picture book that she adored.

As soon as God laid ⁤eyes on the‍ book, a surge of creativity swept over him. He brought to ​life 7 Demon ‍Lords, known as the 7 Deadly Sins. Rachel’s task is to tempt and torment ‍each⁤ Demon⁤ Lord, collecting‍ and expanding the forbidden collection of⁤ sexy demon images. It’s ​an angelic‍ feat and the ultimate goal for ⁤every player.

Engaging​ Gameplay

Like other tantalizing games, the gameplay in 7 Sexy Sins is purely captivating. Your objective is to guide Rachel, the petite angel, in battles against alluring ⁢demons. Your mission ⁢is simple: gradually weaken‍ the Demon Queens by skillfully maneuvering through their bodies.

Each time Rachel infiltrates⁤ a specific part ​of their ‌bodies, the Demon Lords respond sensually, showcasing‌ their ⁤alluring curves. Capture these irresistible scenes, and ‍your collection of ⁤forbidden images will grow with each triumph.

However, this sexy battle is no ​walk in⁢ the park. There are 7 formidable stages, each corresponding to a ‌Demon Lord representing one of the 7 sins. Every female ​demon​ possesses her own unique style and moves. You must exercise ‌caution when facing each one. Compared‍ to their towering figures, Rachel is as small as ⁤a⁢ fingertip. You’ll need to guide ‍the⁣ angel through constant flight and nimble ‍jumps, skillfully dodging a barrage of bullets, arrows,‌ and deadly⁢ bows from ⁤the⁢ female demons. The only way‍ to reach your target is‌ to evade ⁢these projectiles and ​stealthily penetrate deep inside each⁢ female demon’s body.

And that’s not all. Before confronting the Demon Lord, you must navigate a treacherous path filled with small demons, each as ‌tiny as you. Use your precise aim to eliminate these little demons and ⁢approach the final⁣ gate, which leads to the ⁤female Demon Lord.

If you​ successfully bring⁢ down a ⁣Demon Lord, you’ll have the power to impose divine punishment (such as ⁢requesting them to remove their⁢ clothes).​ This noble feat, achieved after an exhausting battle, will be proudly⁤ recorded in your ⁣very own⁣ forbidden book.

Experience the MOD ‌APK Version of 7 Sexy Sins

MOD Features

  • MENU
  • Immortal
  • Damage



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