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Fap CEO will turn you into the CEO of a leading entertainment company in the world, with many beautiful and charming talents in hand. Manage your talent team, develop the company, and become a talented CEO in the field. The game is also an opportunity for you to meet and interact with many beautiful female characters. So many reasons to play this anime-style dating and business simulation game.

About Fap CEO

Entertainment companies always make others curious. Not only because of the huge profit earned every year if the operation is successful. But also because this is the place behind a series of famous talented names around the world. It will be interesting if you can become a young CEO of the world’s leading entertainment company. With power and talent in your hands, you will lead your company to break new boundaries and achieve more brilliant success in the future.

Fap CEO will help you make this dream come true.

What is special about Fap CEO compared to other management simulation games?

Fap CEO is more popular than many simulation games for a reason. The core of this game is not just a normal business management simulation game, but hidden behind it is a dating simulator where any guy can be surrounded by many beautiful girls and have a chance to find a breathtakingly sexy girlfriend.

With this strange combination, Fap CEO has brought players into the maze of passion. Like business? There have been simulations of entertainment company management that follow the story of the game. Want to date? The female employees, the young and beautiful female talents who continuously join the army will be potential candidates. Chat, approach, learn and go through many ups and downs with them, and you will find the most suitable girlfriend for you.

Flirt with employees, go on a romantic date, and find the perfect girlfriend

On the surface, it seems that Fap CEO still follows the traditional formula with the way of managing people and assets, going up from a small to a larger scale, along with an increasingly powerful reputation. But Fap CEO is a dating simulation game.

The proof is that the length of the business management does not take up too much effort for the player. What you need to pay more attention to is meeting and dating beautiful girls in the game.

This entertainment company is weird. Only you are the only man. The rest from the staff to the female talent of the company are all beautiful and charming girls. They are different from each other. Everyone has their own charm. Your company specializes in adult entertainment services. Female employees, also known as talent, are both an abundant resource of the company, who stand up to live stream anytime and anywhere to attract the attention of viewers, advertising sponsors, and money pouring in. So the appearance of many beautiful girls around is also understandable.

Only between you and them, through the process of working together, feelings will arise.

And there are many opportunities for you to meet privately, chat, confide and date the girls of the company.

Dating opportunities keep opening up as you get deeper into the game. After work, you can send a flirty email to a diligent employee of the company. In A beautiful evening, you can confide in a dreamy little sister about the topic of adult love. Chats with her girls to exchange attractive selfies with each other.

Gradually you will find the person who makes your heart flutter the most. You can decide to take it one step further, to the dating stage. But be very careful because if handled improperly, you could lose one or more talented employees of the company.

Business management – The reason for dating later

As Fap CEO, you’ll run a small entertainment company at first. Then, with resourceful management and many good decisions in succession, the size of the company grew. You are the custodian, managing everything on an increasingly large scale. From micro-management, you will gradually move to macro management, most importantly, people management to help your entertainment company move to the leading position.

Hire staff, train, manage key positions, coordinate cash flow, invest in the right people at the right time, decorate the company, develop community relationships, focus on PR, invest in growing new talent… By doing all these well, you will quickly develop the company to the level you desire.

There’s a lot to do as a CEO. But rest assured because you do not need to spend too much time and effort. Because Fap CEO is essentially an idle simulation. You are quite busy at first, but when you put it in place, on the reels, you just sit and watch the money fall into your pocket.

A lasting attraction

Fap CEO offers a lot of special events regularly. Joining the event is an opportunity for you to learn more about new people, put on an elegant outfit, collect a series of sexy pictures, and admire the new, dreamlike skin of the girls. You play and follow the rhythm of the game available, but always have the opportunity to receive new events and items. The game thus goes on indefinitely. This is also one of the reasons why Fap CEO has been present for a long time, but after a few years, it still has a special charm.

The next reason is probably that the characters are so beautiful. Fap CEO is developed by a Japanese game company using 2D graphics with a perfect anime style. The female characters are all beautiful in their own way. Some people are sharp and salty, others are sweet and cute, and some are delicately romantic. It’s also very cute voice acting. It is this beautiful female talent that has created a crazy attraction for this multi-year-old game.

MOD APK version of Fap CEO

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money/Keys/Diamonds

Increase when you spend.

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  1. Headshooter says:

    “Finally, a game that combines my love for business and gaming! Can’t wait to try out the unlimited money mod.”

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    “Wow, this sounds like a unique and exciting game! Having unlimited money with the mod will definitely make it even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to download and play!”

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