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TripTrap is a tasty new puzzler from the creators of iSlash!
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Duello Games
Mar 7, 2021
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Introducing TripTrap: The Tasty New ‌Puzzler!

Are you ready for a ‍deliciously ‍challenging adventure? TripTrap, brought ​to⁢ you by the creators ​of iSlash, is here to satisfy your puzzle cravings! With its mouthwatering graphics, this game is ⁢perfect for both Phones and⁤ Tablets.

But don’t just take our word for‌ it. Here’s ⁤what the experts​ are saying:

“Simple to learn and satisfying‍ to complete, TripTrap‍ is an attractive​ casual puzzle game. It’s a fun‌ way to spend some‍ spare time.” – 148Apps

“Although it is important to be objective while reviewing an app, I can’t help but to love everything about Trip Trap.” – AppAdvice

So, what’s ⁣the story behind ⁢TripTrap? Our little friend “Ched” (aka‍ “Cheddar”) is in desperate need of your help. ‌He’s hungry and he wants ​that cheese! But be warned, the journey⁣ won’t be easy. Ched needs to flip⁣ and flop his way through treacherous paths, all while avoiding deadly traps!

Here are some key features of TripTrap:

  • Single touch original flip-flop gameplay
  • 5 rooms,‌ 100 well-planned tricky levels
  • Casual Mode with limitless freedom
  • Puzzle Mode with limited number ⁣of jumps
  • Global⁤ leaderboards & ⁣achievements
  • Beautiful graphics designed to support ⁣both Phones and Tablets!

And the best part? TripTrap is compatible with most modern Android devices, so you ‍can enjoy the fun no⁤ matter what phone or tablet‌ you have.

Ready to join the ​action and solve a different puzzle on each ⁣level? Get TripTrap‍ now ​and embark on this tasty adventure!

Trip Trap v1.8.6 Mod Money: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience


In the world of mobile gaming, Trip‍ Trap has ​emerged as a‌ popular and addictive puzzle game that challenges players to navigate through various​ obstacles in⁢ order to guide their character safely across each level. With its engaging gameplay and‍ visually appealing graphics,‌ Trip Trap​ has captivated gamers worldwide. To further enhance this experience, developers have introduced the Trip ​Trap v1.8.6 Mod Money version, which offers exciting new features and opportunities for players to progress ​faster within⁢ the ‌game.

What is Trip Trap?

Trip Trap is a puzzle game developed by Duello Games that requires strategic thinking ⁤and ⁢quick reflexes from​ players. The objective is simple yet‍ challenging‍ – guide your⁤ character‌ through mazes filled with traps while collecting cheese along the way.

Features of ‌Trip Trap v1.8.6 ‍Mod Money:

The modded version of Trip Trap introduces several enhancements that⁤ elevate the overall gaming experience:

1) Unlimited In-Game​ Currency:

One ‍significant advantage ⁣of using the modded version is unlimited access to in-game currency or money. This allows players to purchase power-ups, unlock additional levels, characters, or customize their existing ones without any⁣ limitations imposed by limited resources.

2) Ad-Free ‍Gameplay:

Advertisements can often ‌disrupt immersion during gameplay sessions; however, with this modded version, users can enjoy an ​ad-free experience throughout their journey in solving puzzles and overcoming challenges.

3) Faster Progression:

With​ unlimited money at⁣ your⁢ disposal,​ progressing through levels becomes much easier and quicker than before! Players no longer need to spend hours grinding for coins or waiting for them to regenerate over time; they can now ⁢focus solely on enjoying the game’s intricate puzzles.

4)⁣ Enhanced Customization Options:

The modded version also provides expanded customization options for characters’ appearance or even unlocking exclusive skins not available in the original release of Trip Trap.

Installation Process:

To​ install Trip Trap v1.8.6 Mod Money, follow these steps:

1)​ Download the modded APK file from a trusted source.

2) Enable installation from unknown sources ⁤in your device’s settings.

3) Locate the downloaded ⁤APK file‍ and⁢ tap on it to initiate the installation process.

4) Once ‍installed, launch Trip Trap v1.8.6 Mod Money and enjoy all its exciting features.


Trip‌ Trap v1.8.6 Mod Money offers an enhanced gaming experience for fans of this​ addictive puzzle game by providing⁤ unlimited money, ad-free gameplay, faster progression, and expanded customization​ options. With these added benefits, players can fully immerse themselves in solving challenging puzzles without​ any⁢ hindrances or limitations imposed by limited resources ‍or intrusive advertisements.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that using modded versions of games⁣ may violate terms⁤ of service agreements set​ forth‍ by developers or app stores. Users should exercise caution when downloading and installing such modifications as they may ⁤carry risks associated with malware or compromised security measures on their devices.

In conclusion, ⁢Trip Trap v1.8.6 Mod⁣ Money ⁣presents ⁣an opportunity for gamers to elevate their⁣ experience within this popular ​puzzle game while ‌enjoying ‍additional perks not available in⁢ the original release⁤ version – ⁢making‍ it a⁤ must-try for avid mobile ⁣gamers seeking new ‌challenges and rewards!



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