Age of Fantasy APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

A FREE turn based STRATEGY game uses the engine of AGE OF STRATEGY but now in the fantasy world with ORCs, ELVES, UNDEAD and HUMANs! Also 2 races in BETA: DWARVES, SCALEDFOLKs
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Jul 17, 2023
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Welcome to the exciting world of our FREE turn-based STRATEGY game! Immerse yourself‌ in a fantasy realm filled with ORCs, ELVES, UNDEAD, and HUMANS, with two additional races in BETA: DWARVES and SCALEDFOLKS. Get ready for⁤ a thrilling adventure with numerous CAMPAIGNS, skirmishes, and⁢ MULTIPLAYER games!

Unlike other games, we are‌ proud to‌ say that ours ‌is⁣ NOT a pay-to-win game! The in-app ⁣payment option is solely for ⁤donations, so you can enjoy the game without any unfair advantages.

Our game has a retro-like 8-bit design, similar to AoS, which​ means it may not be visually stunning with fancy animations. However, it is a pure gameplay-oriented turn-based​ strategy game, just like‍ the original.

– Embark‍ on ⁤over ⁣390 Campaign maps to conquer (including fan-made maps ⁣inspired by LoTR and Warcraft)
– Engage in more than 300‍ Skirmish‍ maps for ⁤intense battles
– ⁣Command over ​1100 units and⁣ buildings to build your ⁢empire
– Invent over 440 technologies to gain an edge over your opponents
– Enjoy a rewarding system where collecting stars on each map will grant‍ you gems, which can be used to unlock new troops,‌ technologies, or buildings
– Need some help? Use spell upgrades to ease the difficulty of ‍challenging maps. These spells can ⁢be purchased with gems and consumed when used
– Test your ⁣skills against AI ​on‌ skirmish maps, just like ⁢in classic ‌strategy ‍games
– Battle⁤ against real players from around the world ⁣or team up with them⁤ for epic battles
-⁣ Unleash your creativity ⁢with the Map Editor feature and design your own ⁤maps (currently in Beta)
– Earn ⁤achievements to enhance your gaming experience
– Expand your ‍social ⁢circle with the friend list feature ​and meet new people
– Explore⁢ the ​Upgrades section, where you can find hundreds of new‌ units, technologies, and buildings‌ that⁣ can be purchased with gems (including ‌some fun⁢ units)
– Choose from six mighty races – Humans, Orcs,⁢ Undead, Elves, Dwarves, ​and Scaledfolks – and ⁣engage in epic combat!


We ⁢value your input ‍and⁤ welcome ‌requests for ⁢new and⁤ unique units, such ⁢as historical heroes. Join our forum, share your ideas, and⁣ we’ll do our best to implement‍ them!


– We kindly ⁣ask ⁣for your understanding ⁤as this app is still in development. Please consider leaving a⁣ positive rating ⁤and providing constructive feedback.
– We encourage you to share any suggestions you may​ have regarding gameplay, units, unit properties, new unit ideas, graphics, and‍ more.
– If you’re interested in contributing to the game’s creation, whether it’s ​graphics, translation, ⁢or ideas, feel free ⁤to send us an email ‌or ⁢join our forums!

***FOR⁤ A START***

1. Dive ‍into the action by selecting Single Player or skirmish mode.
2. Play a map ​and experience the thrill of strategic warfare.
3. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate ​to send them our way!
4. If not, simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ⁤game!

Get ready ​for an ​unforgettable⁤ gaming experience filled with excitement and ⁣adventure. ​Have fun!
Age of Fantasy APK v1.1771 + MOD (Unlimited Money)

In the world of mobile ‍gaming, fantasy-themed games have always held ⁤a special ⁣place in the hearts of gamers. ​The Age of Fantasy APK is one such game that takes players on ‌an epic journey through a mystical realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and intense battles. With its latest version 1.1771⁢ update and mod features offering​ unlimited money, this‌ game has become even more enticing for avid gamers.

Developed⁢ by ZeroTouchSystems, Age of Fantasy offers ⁢an immersive gameplay experience where players can build their own kingdoms,‍ recruit​ powerful⁤ heroes, and engage in ‌strategic‍ warfare against other players or computer-controlled opponents. The⁣ game combines elements from various genres like strategy, ⁢role-playing, and tower defense to create a unique blend that keeps players hooked for hours on end.

One of the standout features ‍of Age of Fantasy is its stunning⁣ graphics and visual effects. From lush‌ green forests⁣ to towering castles and‌ fiery dragons ⁤soaring across‌ the sky⁣ – every⁢ aspect has been ‍meticulously​ designed to transport players into a⁢ fantastical world‌ brimming⁣ with beauty and ⁢danger.

The ‌gameplay mechanics are ⁢equally impressive as they require careful planning‍ and tactical‌ decision-making. Players must manage resources ‌effectively to construct buildings, train troops, research⁤ new‍ technologies, and⁤ upgrade their ⁢heroes’​ abilities. Additionally, forming alliances with other players can ‍prove crucial in overcoming formidable ‍enemies or⁣ conquering rival territories.

With the latest version ‌1.1771 update comes exciting ⁢new⁤ content additions including additional quests, challenges, characters⁤ with unique abilities along with bug ​fixes​ for smoother gameplay experience overall.

However what truly sets this game apart is its⁣ mod feature which ‍provides unlimited​ money to ⁢enhance your gaming experience further! This means you no longer have ⁣to⁢ worry about running out‌ of ⁤resources or waiting⁣ endlessly⁣ for them to‌ replenish; instead you can focus solely on building your empire ​without any hindrances!

To install⁤ Age of Fantasy⁢ APK v1.1771 + MOD, simply download the APK file from a trusted source and follow ‍the installation instructions. Once installed, you can⁤ enjoy ⁣all the benefits ​of unlimited money and embark⁤ on an epic ​adventure like⁢ never before.

In conclusion, Age of Fantasy APK v1.1771 + MOD (Unlimited Money) is a‍ captivating game that offers players an immersive fantasy world ⁣to explore and conquer.​ With its stunning visuals, strategic gameplay mechanics, and⁢ now⁢ with unlimited money through the mod feature, this game ​provides endless hours of ⁢entertainment for⁣ gamers seeking an escape into a realm filled with‌ magic‌ and adventure. So why wait? Download it‌ today and unleash your inner⁢ hero!



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2 comments on "Age of Fantasy APK v1.1771 + MOD (Unlimited Money)"

  1. PUBJESUS says:

    This game is so addictive! Can’t wait to try out the unlimited money mod.

  2. Duke of Doom says:

    I’ve been playing Age of Fantasy for months now and it’s definitely one of the best fantasy games out there. The unlimited money mod will make it even more exciting!

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