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ZArchiver - is a program for archive management (including managing of application backups in archives). You can managment backup of application. It has a simple and functional interface. The app doesn't have permission to access the internet, so cannot transmit any information to other services or persons.
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Jul 21, 2023
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For managing the different files on your smartphone it is necessary that you should have a file manager available on your smartphone. Many of the people have just the simple files available in their mobile phone that any file manager can manage but are also creative people who have to deal with the different types of files on their smartphone like compress files.

Zarchiver is an app that you can use on your mobile to manage the compressed zip files. You can easily view the archive content with this app and can also create the compressed files on your smartphone.You can manage the zip files on your mobile phone and can extract them. You can also remove the files from the archive using this file manager on your mobile.

What is the Zarchiver APK?

This is a standard version of the app in which you have to follow the restrictions. This is a compress zip file manager that you can use on your Android device to manage the zip files like you can open the zip files and can extract these files into the desired folders. You can also remove any of the files that you want from the archive using this manager on your mobile. You can use this file manager for free of charge on your mobile and you can also create the compressed zip files on your mobile.

Best features of Zarchiver Pro APK

Zip files manager

This app is a zip files manager that you can use on your mobile and you can manage the zip files in an amazing way on your Android device.

Extract zip files

You can also simply extract the zip files available on your smartphone with the help of this app into the desired folder.

Create compress zip files

This app is simple to use and you can also create the compressed zip files on your Android device with this file manager.

A very handy app

This is a very handy or you can say an important app that you need to have on your mobile if you want to manage the zip files in an easy and the best way.

Simple functional interface

This file manager has a very simple functional interface that is easier to understand for every type of person.

Pro enabled

In the pro version of this file manager available on the website you have the pro enabled and you can use the pro benefits in the app.

What is the use of Zarchiver Pro APK?

This version of the app is a pro version that you can only get from this website for your smartphone. You have to spend some amount of money to download it on your mobile phone because this version is not available for free. In this version of the file manager you have the pro enabled and you can use the pro benefits of this app.

New features of Zarchiver Pro APK

Manage compress files with your Android device

You can easily manage the compressed files of the different formats on your Android device using this file manager.

Open compressed files

You can also simply open the compress files using this file manager on your mobile and you can view the different files.

View archive content

You can view all the content that is available on an archive with the help of this file manager and you can also remove any of the file and can add any file you want.

No ads

Ads are a very big issue available in this file manager but in the pro version of this file manager available on the website you will also get rid of all the ads because there are no ads available in it.

Why Zarchiver Pro APK is so worth downloading?

This is a pro version of the app in which you will have a lot more benefits available to use in this file manager. This version is definitely worth spending money because it provides you all the pro benefits of this file manager to use. It will also provide you with the experience of using this file manager without ads.

Final Words

This is a very handy file manager to use on an Android device because it will allow you to easily manage the compressed zip files on your smartphone and you can view the files available in an archive and can also remove the files if you want. You can simply create the archives using this app.

Zarchiver Pro Apk: A Comprehensive Archiving Solution

In today’s digital age, the need for efficient file compression and archiving tools has become more crucial than ever. With the increasing amount of data we generate and store on our devices, it is essential to have a reliable application that can handle various archive formats seamlessly. Zarchiver Pro Apk emerges as a comprehensive solution in this regard, offering users an array of features and functionalities.

Zarchiver Pro Apk is an advanced version of the popular ZArchiver app, known for its simplicity and effectiveness in managing archives on Android devices. Developed by Ant-ON, this pro version takes archiving capabilities to new heights with its enhanced performance and additional features.

One of the standout features of Zarchiver Pro Apk is its support for multiple archive formats. Whether you are dealing with ZIP, RAR, 7z or any other commonly used format, this application allows you to effortlessly extract files from these archives or create your own compressed files. This versatility ensures compatibility across different platforms and makes sharing files easier than ever before.

Furthermore, Zarchiver Pro Apk offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the archiving process even for novice users. The intuitive design allows seamless navigation through folders and archives while providing quick access to essential functions such as creating new archives or extracting existing ones. Additionally, users can easily rename or delete files within an archive without having to extract them first – saving time and effort.

Another notable feature offered by Zarchiver Pro Apk is password protection for archived files. In today’s world where privacy concerns are paramount, having the ability to secure sensitive information becomes crucial. With this application’s encryption capabilities, users can set passwords for their archives ensuring only authorized individuals gain access to their contents.

Moreover, Zarchiver Pro Apk provides advanced options like splitting large archives into smaller parts – making it easier to transfer or share via email or other platforms with file size limitations. This feature proves particularly useful when dealing with large files that need to be distributed across multiple devices.

In terms of performance, Zarchiver Pro Apk excels by offering fast and efficient compression and extraction speeds. The application utilizes multi-core processors effectively, ensuring optimal utilization of device resources while minimizing processing time. This efficiency is especially beneficial for users dealing with large archives or limited storage space on their devices.

To conclude, Zarchiver Pro Apk stands out as a comprehensive archiving solution for Android users. Its support for various archive formats, user-friendly interface, password protection capabilities, advanced options like splitting archives, and impressive performance make it an indispensable tool in managing files efficiently. Whether you are a casual user looking to compress files for easier sharing or a professional requiring secure archiving solutions – Zarchiver Pro Apk has got you covered!


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