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You, the one and only Sword Master in this world, fight for peace after the betrayal of the empire.
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Super Planet
Aug 1, 2023
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Get ‌ready to embark on an epic adventure with Sword Master Story – the ultimate hack ‍and slash action RPG with stunning anime graphics! As the leader of the⁣ master swordsmen, it’s up to you to protect the goddess and her‌ kingdom from darkness.

About Sword Master ⁤Story

Step into a magical ⁤world filled with heroes, monsters, and formidable challenges with Sword Master Story ​- the​ immersive mobile RPG​ that will take your gaming experience to the next level! With captivating storytelling, strategic combat, and ⁢stunning visuals, Sword Master Story​ is the ⁢perfect game for ⁣RPG enthusiasts. Your mission? To become the legendary Sword Master⁢ by assembling a team of powerful ⁣heroes, mastering unique skills, and battling fierce enemies to save the kingdom from darkness.


Are you ready to wield the legendary Sword of Light and embark on a thrilling ‌adventure? In Sword Master Story, you’ll explore a story-driven campaign filled‌ with exciting characters, ‍dungeons,‍ and bosses. With turn-based combat mechanics, you’ll need to strategically assemble ⁤a team‌ of heroes with complementary abilities to take on ⁣powerful adversaries.

Compelling Storyline

Get ready to be immersed in an engaging and captivating storyline that weaves together⁢ elements of‌ fantasy, adventure,⁤ and heroism. You’ll encounter captivating characters, uncover secrets, ‍and make pivotal decisions that shape⁣ the fate of the kingdom.

Hero Collection and ‍Evolution

Collect and​ recruit a wide range of heroes, each with their own unique abilities, attributes, and backstories. ⁢As you progress, ‍you can evolve and strengthen your ⁢heroes to ⁢unlock new skills and improve their combat effectiveness.

Strategic Combat System

With turn-based combat ⁤and strategic depth, Sword‍ Master Story requires you to choose your heroes ⁤wisely, consider enemy weaknesses, and‍ use ​various skills and combos to gain an advantage in battles.

Guilds and Multiplayer

Join or create⁣ guilds to foster a sense of community and collaboration. Engage in cooperative gameplay, tackle guild-specific challenges, and ​compete against other guilds in exciting battles.

PvP Arena

Challenge other players’ teams in the PvP⁣ arena and climb the rankings​ to earn rewards and recognition.

Character ‌Customization

Personalize⁣ your heroes with various equipment, costumes, and accessories to create your own unique playstyle.

Daily and Special Events

Experience daily quests, events,⁣ and challenges that provide rewards, experience, and unique items to keep the gameplay⁤ fresh and engaging.

Stunning Visuals and Animations

With high-quality graphics and beautifully ⁣animated​ combat sequences, ‌Sword Master Story brings the characters​ and battles ⁤to life.

User Interface and Experience

Sword Master Story provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation, character management,‍ and access to various game features. The game’s visuals and animations enhance the overall user experience, immersing ‍players in the world of⁢ Sword Master Story.


Are you ready to ‌become the legendary Sword Master and save the ‍kingdom from ⁤darkness?‍ With its compelling storyline, strategic ⁤combat, hero collection, ​and multiplayer features, Sword Master⁢ Story provides an engaging and dynamic gaming experience for RPG enthusiasts. Whether you’re exploring the rich narrative, building powerful hero teams, or engaging in ‍intense battles, Sword Master Story is the perfect mobile RPG for you!

Sword Master Story APK v4.2.477 (Latest Version): A Game of Epic Proportions

In the ⁤realm of mobile gaming, Sword Master Story has emerged‌ as a force ⁣to be reckoned with. With its latest version, v4.2.477, this⁤ game continues to captivate players worldwide with its immersive gameplay and stunning ‌visuals.

Developed by Super Planet, Sword Master Story takes players on an epic journey through ⁢a fantastical world filled with mythical creatures and powerful warriors. As the name suggests, mastering ⁣the art of‍ swordplay is ⁢at the core of this game’s mechanics.

One of the standout features of Sword Master Story is its intricate combat system that allows players to engage in thrilling battles against formidable foes. The game offers a‍ wide range of ⁢characters to choose from, each possessing unique abilities and‌ skills that can be upgraded as you progress through the story.

The ‌latest version brings several exciting additions and improvements to enhance player‌ experience further. One notable addition is the introduction of⁣ new heroes who⁢ join your quest for glory ‌and‌ aid ⁤you in battle with their distinct ‍powers. These heroes come​ from various backgrounds⁤ and possess different playstyles, adding depth and variety to your team composition.

Furthermore, v4.2.477 introduces challenging dungeons where players can test their mettle against ‌waves of enemies while earning valuable rewards along the way. These dungeons provide an ⁣opportunity for strategic thinking as you must carefully select‌ your ⁣team members based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Visually speaking, Sword Master Story never⁣ fails‌ to impress with ⁣its stunning graphics that bring this fantasy world alive on your mobile device screen. From lush landscapes teeming with vibrant flora to⁢ intricately designed character models brimming with detail – every aspect contributes towards creating an immersive gaming ⁣experience like no other.

To ensure smooth gameplay without any interruptions or glitches, Super Planet regularly updates Sword Master Story’s APK file –⁢ hence why ⁣we have arrived at ⁤v4.2 477 today! These updates not only fix ⁢any bugs or technical issues but also introduce new content, events, and features​ to keep players engaged and excited.

Downloading Sword Master Story APK v4.2.477 is a breeze – simply visit the official ⁤website or trusted app stores to get​ your hands on this latest version. The game’s file size is reasonable, ensuring that it won’t take up excessive space on your device while still⁤ delivering an unforgettable⁣ gaming experience.

In conclusion, ​Sword Master Story APK v4.2.477 stands as a testament ⁤to the​ immense popularity of this mobile game ⁢and its ability to continually evolve​ and captivate players worldwide. With its engaging gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, ​and regular updates from Super Planet, it remains a top choice for those seeking an epic adventure in the palm of their hand.

So why wait? Embark ⁢on⁢ your journey today by downloading Sword Master Story APK ‌v4.2 477 – prepare ⁣yourself for an immersive experience like no other!



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