Meta Quest APK .7.109 (Latest Version)

Manage your Meta Quest VR device, explore over 1,000 apps in the Meta Quest Store, discover live VR events and so much more.
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Meta Quest is an Meta Quest VR virtual reality device management application developed by Facebook (Meta). When you install this application on your device, you can control remotely your VR device and it has many other notable utilities.

About Meta Quest

Remote Meta Quest VR device management application on mobile

What is Meta Quest?

This is an application that is installed directly on your mobile device to help you manage your Meta Quest VR virtual reality device remotely without having to adjust or control it via a computer. Thanks to this application, using Meta Quest VR becomes more convenient and active.

What is Meta Quest VR and why does it need to be managed with the Meta Quest app?

Meta Quest VR is a virtual reality device that helps you access a certain virtual reality environment and context created in movies and games. The VR environment cannot be seen or felt with the naked eye but must be through a special device with the support of both software and hardware.

In terms of hardware, there’s the Meta Quest VR headset, an over-the-head headset that wraps your eyes and connects to a virtualized designed virtual environment, and it helps you see and feel like the real thing.

In terms of software, it is the software used to control, tweak and help you fully connect with the Meta Quest VR hardware device, which is the Meta Quest application we are talking about.

Meta Quest can be installed on a PC for use, but in many cases, installing it on mobile will bring more convenience to users. That’s why Meta Quest for Android mobile is here.

Explore Meta Quest Store

You don’t need to sit in front of a computer screen all day anymore. Now, wherever you are, you can visit the Meta Quest Store to review the most featured games and applications and consider whether to buy and play. Browsing games on the phone will save much more time, scrolling the smartphone screen is also more comfortable and convenient than clicking and dragging on each screen page.

Not only games but any products in the Meta Quest Store are fully displayed in the app, so you won’t miss any updates. When you buy VR apps/games on your phone, connecting to user accounts or bank accounts is also more convenient and faster.

Find friends in the virtual world

Meta Quest VR has a whole community of people who are passionate about exploring the virtual world like you. Whether it’s a game or an app, you’ll always find like-minded people in the VR community and you connect, chat, and share VR experiences with them. Community interaction on a social network on a mobile platform is always much more convenient than on a PC, isn’t it?

Book virtual seats in VR events

When participating in the VR environment, you will have the opportunity to attend many virtual reality events such as in-game events, virtual concerts… With the Meta Quest mobile app, you can reserve seats at these events without any hassle. That means you don’t need to constantly sit in front of your PC anymore, but you already have your smartphone and click to book right away without waiting to get home.

Install VR games remotely

With the Meta Quest app on your phone, you can remotely control VR apps/games into your Meta Quest Rift or Rift S virtual reality device at home to save time. After buying the game, you just need to gently manipulate this application on your phone to have a new toy when you return home.

The installation speed is as fast as the installation speed on a PC.

Managing and monitoring the VR devices

Above all, Meta Quest serves as the most intuitive, useful VR device monitoring and management tool. You can find all the tools to manage your VR experience and even the use of VR headsets at home.

You manage device functions, browse over 1000 apps in the Meta Quest Store, receive notifications from the company or people you connect with in the VR community, and stay informed about new events, and new content. The most important thing is to get information about the status of your account, and the usage of VR apps and games in the store.

All of this information will be displayed in the most complete and detailed way in the Meta Quest application.

Download Meta Quest APK for Android

Meta Quest is an indispensable part if you are using the Meta Quest virtual reality device. You don’t have to do it directly on your PC, you can use your mobile device to monitor, manage and do many other things to make the process of using your virtual reality device more convenient and easier.


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