Bomber Friends APK (unlimited gems)

Place a bomb and hide behind a corner. BOOM! Did you blast the opponent or did they escape? Try again! Collect powerups from the map to get more powerful bombs! Watch out for evil curses!
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Sep 2, 2014
Apr 11, 2024
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Bomber friends is a game that is a battle between two different teams. This game connects two random teams in which the one plays as a Bomber and the other will play as the diffuser. The bombers will place bombs at different locations and the diffusers have to diffuse these bombs. You are free to create a team in this game in which you can include all your friends.

There are various characters in this game that can be easily customised with different outfits and power ups. You are also going to have a lot of boosters in this game that will protect you from the tricks of your enemies. There is also a single player mode  in which you can play alone with the AI system.

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Bomber friends is an amazing game in which you will play in the form of two teams. You can either decide to be a Bomber or diffuser. The Bomber has to get different kinds of explosives and place them in different locations and the diffusers have to look for ways that will help them to defuse bombs. This game connects random teams however you can choose your character in this game and can even be a part of the solo mode.


Features of Bomber Friends APK

Intuitive Touch Controls

This game features Intuitive touch controls. You can simply click on different objects to look for the bombs and move away from them to protect yourself. You can either play the role of bombers or the diffusers in this game.

Create your own team

In this game, you will get a chance to create your own team, however you cannot control which team you want to play with. But you can create your own team with your friends and can even include the online players in your team.

Connects Random Teams

This game is a multiplayer game that’s why you need to get another team with which you want to compete. This game connects the bombers and the diffusers randomly which makes it more interesting because you are unaware of the capabilities of your rival.

Get your favourite character

There are a variety of characters in this game that are different from each other in the form of looks and skills. You can pick up any of your favourite characters from this game and can even modify them with different accessories.

Choose your role

In this game, you have the authority to choose whether you want to play as a Bomber or diffuser. The bombers enjoy this game a lot because they can collect a lot of explosives and they can place them anywhere.

Solo mode available

If you want to play this game alone then you can also become a part of the solo Mode but first you have to unlock it. There are almost 300 different levels in the solo mode that will keep you hooked to this game.

Use Boosters

You will also be able to collect a lot of boosters that will help you to protect yourself from the bombs and they will also help you locate the Bombs so that you can defuse them.

Unlimited Crystals

If you download the pro version of Bomber friends then you will get unlimited crystals. The crystals will help you to increase your base stats and to modify your character.

Free Modifications

The pro version of this game also provide you with free modifications of your character which means you can add as much skills as you want and can also change the appearance

Unlocked Gameplay

By Downloading the pro version of this game you will enjoy an unlocked version of this game in which all the characters and skills are unlocked.

Why do people like Bomber Friends Pro APK?

People like Bomber Friends Pro APK because in this version they do not have to struggle in order to collect crystals as they will receive unlimited crystals in this version. They will also get free modifications.

Download Bomber Friends Pro APK Latest Version 2023

Bomber friends Pro APK is the advanced version of this game that provides the user with a lot of privileges. But in order to get the pro version of this game users have to buy the pro version with the help of money.


Bomber Friends APK 2023 Download

Bomber friends APK 2023 will provide you with the latest version of this game.

Final Verdict

Bombay friends provide you the authority to fight with different teams and you can even create your own one. But in order to get unlimited crystals in this game, you can download Bomber friends pro APK.


Q. How many levels does the solo mode contain in Bomber Friends APK?

There are 300 levels in the solo mode.

Q. How can I increase my base stats in Bomber Friends?

You can increase your base stats with the help of crystals.

What's new

- Season 56: Enchanted Castle season starts in May
- Bug fixes



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