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They kidnapped his wife and kids and left him for dead. But it's going to take more than that to split this banana's family. Help your friend Pedro serve some ice cold revenge, with a sprinkle of bullets on top!
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Friends are the basic companions that we have in our life. We have our friends to support us in any difficult situations and that’s why we have a soft corner for our friends no matter what they do. There are so many movies that are based on friendship and even there are action movies based on the revenge that a friend takes for his Beloved friend. Well there is also a game based on such a concept which is called My Friend Pedro.

It is a game based on the revenge that Mr Pedro will take from the evil people. In this game you are playing the role of a warrior and you need to fight with the Deadly Enemies and remove them from each and every level to collect some gold and rewards. There are diverse locations available in this game in which you can perform a lot of action. There are so many missions that you need to complete to take revenge for your friend.

What is the My Friend Pedro Game?

My friend Pedro is a game which is based on the revenge story of the Main character. In this game you can play the role of a Warrior and you need to kill all your enemies to increase your rank. It is a shooting game and you need to dodge the attacks of your enemies and try to eliminate them from the game as early as you can. To become a better player you can also use a combination of your attacks. To create a combination of different attacks you need to click on the screen for three times.

What is My Friend Pedro MOD APK?

In my friend Pedro’s game you will earn points by killing each opponent. But there is a fixed number of points that you can collect by killing an enemy. To collect unlimited points in this game you can download its modified version which is my friend Pedro Mod APK. As it is a shooting gameplay hence you need a lot of different weapons to fight with your enemies. But with the help of this modified version all the different weapons are unlocked and you can easily pick up your favourite one.

How do I get more money in My Friend Pedro Game?

If you want to get more points with each kill that you do in the My Friend Pedro game then you should eliminate the enemies fast and not get attacked by them. To achieve great success you can start firing even before the enemy appears in front of you. In this way he will not get time to attack you.

How to defeat Ophelia in my Friend Pedro?

Ophelia is one of the most powerful Enemies in my friend Pedro game. To defeat her you need to apply strategy. The one thing that you can do is to follow her from the left side without getting noticed by her and when she comes back from the walkway you can shoot her and try to attack so that you do not get damaged.

Features of the My Friend Pedro game

Amazing Action Gameplay

My friend Pedro is the action gameplay in which you need to perform a lot of action and kill your Rivals.

Create combination of Attacks

The main character has so many different attacks. You can even use a combination of these attacks to kill your enemy.

Collect Treasures

You can collect a lot of different rewards by finding the Treasure chest. There are so many advantages that you can get by finding This treasure.

Complete the Challenges

There are so many challenges that you need to complete in this game. By completing these challenges you can earn a lot of rewards.

Diversified Locations

This game features diversified locations you can even fight in a tunnel or in the grounds.

Features of the My Friend Pedro MOD APK

Unlocked Weapons

All the different weapons are unlocked in the modified version of my friend Pedro.

Unlimited Points

Unlimited points will be provided to you in this hacked version.

One hit mode

You can get one hit mode in this game to kill your opponent in just one attack.


My friend Pedro is a game in which you have to take revenge on your friends from the different Enemies. There are so many different kinds of enemies that you need to fight. To get more points in this game you need to eliminate the enemy without getting attacked by him. If you want to play an unlocked version of this game then you can download My friend Pedro Mod APK.


Q. How many levels does My Friend Pedro game contain?

There are 40 amazing levels in my friend Pedro’s game.

Q. Is My Friend Pedro a multiplayer game?

No, My friend Pedro is a single player game.

What's new

Thanks for your valuable feedback! This update is ad supported and allows players to play the whole game for free and restart from checkpoints. Premium Unlock is still available for an ad free experience and additional Blood Rush game mode. Have fun and please leave us a review!



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