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If you have love for cooking then you will really like the Cooking Mama game as in this game you can create different recipes. There are various ingredients available in your kitchen and you can cook delicious food and serve to papa and your customers in the restaurant. They will rank your recipes and you will get money depending on the ranking of the customers and papa. You can also prepare ingredients for your food and cut vegetables by yourself and can turn the pan by intuitive touch controls.

You can also produce your own ingredients by planting different crops and fishing by yourself. This game also features a lot of mini games that will increase your excitement. It also features the multiplayer mode in which you can compete with other players.

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Cooking Mama is a game in which you can have your own restaurant. You can cook delicious food for your customers and can also get ratings from them. In this game, you have to do everything by yourself. You need to cut vegetables and you can even grow your vegetables and you can also go fishing to prepare food from it. You can also watch tutorials to improve your gameplay.

Features of Cooking Mama APK

Intuitive Touch Controls

This game features Intuitive touch controls and you have to do everything by yourself which means that you need to cut vegetables by tapping on your screen and you can also turn the pan by swiping on your screen.

Prepare Delicious food

You have to prepare delicious food with the help of the ingredients that are available in your kitchen. You can also add your personal touch to improve the recipes. You can also choose different serving styles so that you can have an impression on the customer.

Serve your customers

In the cooking mama game, you can serve the food that you cook to the customers and To papa so that they can rate your food. The money that you collect in this game depend upon the rating of the customers.

Prepare Ingredients

You can also prepare all the ingredients by yourself. For example, you can grow your own crops to get the vegetables and you can also go for fishing to catch fishes and can hunt for meat as well.

Mini games available

This Game includes a variety of mini games that will increase your excitement and will also help you to get money and various ingredients for your restaurant. In these mini games, you have to complete the challenges to get money.

Compete with Friends

This game also contains the multiplayer mode in which you can compete with your friends and prepare delicious food.

Watch Tutorials

If you are not familiar with this game and do not know much about the controls of this game then you can watch tutorials that are available in this game. It will help you to become a better player and to deal with all the different situations.

Choose any language

You can choose any of your favourite language for this app so that you can play peacefully. By changing the language of this app to your native language, you can easily understand the situations in this game.

Unlimited Coins

If you want to get unlimited coins in this game then you should download the pro version of the cooking mama app and you can easily get ingredients for your recipes.

No Restrictions

The pro version of the cooking mama app is completely free from restrictions and all the challenges are unlocked in this version.

Why do people like Cooking Mama Pro APK?

People like Cooking Mama Pro APK as in this version, they do not have to complete the challenges in order to collect coins. They will also be able to get a game that is free from restrictions. They can join any challenge and any mission to proceed in this game.

Download Cooking Mama Pro APK Latest Version 2023

In Cooking Mama Pro APK, you can enjoy this game to the fullest as there are no restrictions and you can easily get the recipes with the help of unlimited coins. But you need to buy this version by the help of money.

Cooking Mama APK 2023 Download

Cooking Mama APK 2023 is the latest version of this game that contain all the new updates.

Final Verdict

Cooking mama is an exceptional game for all the food lovers as they can create their own recipes and can also get ratings for it. But in order to get an unlocked version of this game, you can download Cooking Mama pro APK.


Q. How do you get coins in Cooking Mama APK?

The coins that you collect depend upon the ratings of your customers.

Q. Can I play Cooking Mama without internet connection?

No, you cannot play Cooking Mama without the internet connection.

What's new

version 1.106.0
Limited time recipe this time!
Beef stew
Play limited until the next update!
Fixed certain bugs.
Made balance adjustments.



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