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People like fighting games a lot but the fighting games have become a little boring right now because why are you fighting without any storyline. Storyline makes the fighting game more interesting and enjoyable for everyone. You can play the Dead Cells game which is a fighting game with a very awesome storyline. In this game your world will be under attack and you have to save your people.

You will progress in the game according to the storyline you will have to complete multiple challenges and levels. As you progress in the game you can also collect superpowers for your character that will allow you to fight with the evil monsters easily. You can also get many magical weapons available in the game that your character can use in order to kill the powerful evils.

What is the Dead Cells APK?

This is a basic version of this awesome fighting game. In this version you have to play this game with few restrictions. You can play the multiple levels in this game and can complete different missions to get the magical weapons and powers for your character. The game has 2D graphics which are quite good and will make your experience while playing the game a lot better. The controls of the game are also very simple to understand.

Best features of Dead Cells Premium APK

Awesome action game

It is an awesome action game with a very awesome story line that will make your interest in the game a lot more.

Save your world

Your task in this game is to save your world from the evil who has attacked the World. You have to save your people and for that you have to complete multiple levels in the game.

Collect powers

You have to make your character more powerful in this game to fight against evils and by progressing in the game you can collect many powers.

Magical weapons

There are many different magical weapons available in this game that you can unlock as your progress in the game. These weapons are going to be very powerful and will make your character unbeatable.

Evil monsters

You have to fight against evil monsters in this game and as you progress in the game you have to fight against a stronger version of them.

All weapons and powers unlocked

In the premium version of this game available on the website you will have all the magical weapons and powers unlocked in the game.

What is the use of Dead Cells Premium APK?

This version of the game is a premium version which is available to download on our website. You will get a lot more benefits available in the game like you do not have to progress in the game by completing different levels to unlock the magical powers and weapons you have already in this version of the game and you can use all these powers and weapons.

New features of Dead Cells Premium APK

Simple but attractive graphics

This game has the simple 2D graphics available but these graphics are very attractive and will not let you get bored.

Easy to use controls

In this game you have the easy to use controls available and you can also customize the controls in the game if you want to.


In the game there are also few customizations options available like you can change the graphics of the game and can improve the sound quality if you want.

Ads removed

The only thing that you will not like in this game are the ads but wait you do not have to worry about them in the premium version because all of these ads are removed in it.

Why Dead Cells Premium APK is so worth downloading?

This is an amazing version of this game to play on a mobile phone and it is definitely worth downloading. In this version of the game you do not have to do any kind of hard work like you don’t have to complete all the levels available in the game to unlock the magical powers and weapons. These are going to be already available in this version and all the ads available in the game are also removed.

Final Words

This is a game for the people who want to play the action game with an awesome storyline. The game is so much enjoyable to play and the controls of the game are also simple and customizable. You have to complete different levels in the game so that you can collect magical weapons and powers for your character.

What's new

Fixed text overlapping in Collector's UI
Fixed dialog window clipping out of screen when text is scaled up
Fixed missing controller support for FlaskGoggles view
Fixed improperly sized on splashscreen



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