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Shooting games bring different zeal and zest in the players and that’s why people like to indulge in such kinds of shooting games. The most amazing shooting games are those in which you will have to shoot the Zombies but as there are many shooting games, we often get Bored of the same zombies that can be killed with just one bullet but Storms publishing has brought innovation in this genre by introducing Zombeast.

It is a shooting plus action game in which you will have to kill the Zombies by using different weapons. But this game is not so simple because the Zombies are very fast and they can kill you in so many ways. There are different kinds of zombies and all of them have different abilities as well. Some zombies can be killed by one Bullet but some zombies can only be killed by special weapons. In this game the Zombies will also have weapons and they will try to kill you with these weapons as well. If you are ready to play this offline shooting game then you should first read this article.

What is the Zombeast game?

Zombeast is an offline shooting game in which we will have to shoot the Zombies but the zombies in this game are very fast and active and they cannot be killed by just one bullet. All the Zombies have different abilities and you will have to find their weakness in order to kill them.

What is the Zombeast MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the Zombies game. In this version you will be able to get unlimited money so that you can get the different weapons to kill the Zombies. You will also be able to get a lot of unlocked weapons in this game as well and the ads will also be removed from this version.

How to play Zombeast?

It is an offline shooting game in which you will have to kill the Zombies but the Zombies are very active and cunning that’s why you will have to do a lot of effort in order to kill them. You can also take advantage of the cars and vehicles that are left on the streets to run away from the nasty Zombies.

How to earn stars in Zombeast?

In this game there will be certain missions and you will have to complete them. This game features so many maps in which there are different places as well as missions. By completing all the objectives in a mission you will be able to get stars, you can earn up to three stars in a mission.

Features of the Zombeast game

FPS Shooter gameplay

It is an offline FPS Shooter game in which you will have to fight with the nasty Zombies. You will be able to see the Deadly creatures running here and there in the city and you will have to survive their attacks in order to win the game.

Different kinds of Zombies

This game features many different kinds of active and cunning zombies and you will have to find their weak points in order to kill them. Every Zombie has a special ability that will be able to kill you on the spot.

Take advantage of Vehicles

During the missions you can take advantage of the abundant vehicles on the street but while riding these vehicles you will have to be alert if all the doors of the vehicle are locked and it is free from Zombies.

Different modes

This game has two offline modes in which you will be able to earn money. The first is the survival mode in which you will have to survive at all costs and the second mode is the Mini goals in which you will have to complete certain objectives.

Use various weapons

During your gameplay you will be able to earn a lot of different weapons that will help you to kill the Zombies on the spot.

Features of the Zombeast MOD APK

Unlimited Money

Zombeast Mod APK will provide you with unlimited money.

Unlocked Locations

All the locations in Zombeast Mod APK Will Be unlocked.

Unlocked Weapons

You will get to use all the weapons in this modified version as well.


If you have gotten bored of all the Zombie shooting Gameplay in which the Zombies are so naive then you can play the Zombeast because in this game you will have to fight with the cunning zombies who can use different tactics to kill you. In order to get all the weapons in this game you can download the Zombeast Mod APK by clicking on the link provided in this article.


Q. How many missions does Zombeast contain?

This game contains almost 170 missions.

Q. Can I play Zombeast with my friends?

No, this game does not contain a multiplayer mode.

What's new

1) 100 new story chapters!
2) Bug fix on level 1089.
3) 100 new campaign levels.
4) Added Spanish language.



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