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The Hik-Connect app is designed to work with devices such as DVRs, NVRs, Cameras, Video intercom and Security control panels. With this app, you can watch real-time surveillance video or play it back from your home, office, workshop or elsewhere at any time. When alarm of your device is triggered, you can get an instant notification from Hik-Connect app.
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In this era, there are many scams and issues. People can’t trust anyone. For some businesses and offices, they use security cameras and devices. Similarly for home security, there are also security cameras available.

But is it possible to remotely control the cameras and devices? Is it possible to watch the CCTV footage without going where the camera is available? The answer is yes. This is now possible because of Hik Connect APK. This is an application which provides you footage of your cameras without any physical access. This provides remote access. In this way, you can watch what is happening without going to the site of the camera. You can access your cameras anytime, anywhere.

Features of Hik Connect APK

Live Security footage

Hik Connect provides you with live security footage or video from your cameras or devices. Through this feature, you can watch  anytime that is happening in that specific place.

Remote access

This app provides remote access to your device. It doesn’t matter how far you are. It gives you real and fastest access.

Quick notifications

When there is something alarming, this app sends quick notifications and alarming messages to check the issue. This is the best feature of this app as this alerts you about any mishap.

Easy Working

This provides an easy way to access live footage. You just have to download this app and log in with your account. Then add different passwords for your devices or cameras. Afterwards, you can access all the devices that are connected.

Storage of footages

You can also store and backup your videos and footage clips in this app. This holds your complete data and information with full security and safety.

Audio access

This app also gives you access to audios. You can talk to other people that are on the other side of the camera. So if there is anything wrong, you can correct it at the right time.

Add and remove devices

It is your own choice to add different devices. It gives you an option to get access to multiple devices at a time. You just have to enter a password for that particular device and it will be connected.

Good management

Hik Connect APK provides good management if it’s being used in a community or office. Different heads and managers can keep an eye on their workers easily with this app. They can apply CCTV cameras to the workplace and watch the live working of people even at home.

Access to others

You can also give your account access to others to keep an eye or yo check the updates. So if you are not available, you can hand it over to others.

Latest features of Hik Connect APK

Playback feature

Playback feature is a very important one through which you can watch a particular video or clip repeatedly. You can review and playback any part of the video.

Recording feature

If you want to record a specific part of a video, you can do it with Hik Connect APK. This provides a good quality recording so that you may have proof.

PTZ control feature

PTZ means pan tilt zoom. Through this feature, users can easily control the movement of the camera or device connected. This all takes place remotely.

Why is Hik Connect APK a good application?

Hik Connect APK has resolved many issues for people and provides authentic live footage to them anytime and anywhere. Now there is no need to keep an eye in the office. You can adjust a device, camera, DVRs, NVRs at the place where you want to keep a check and can control everything with Hik Connect APK. This is safe , secure and reliable to use. This is the fastest and easiest way to get all the live information.

Download Hik Connect APK latest version 2023

Hik connect apk latest 2023 version is available with many new features and functions. This provides you more security and fastest working. Use the latest features with the latest version of Hik Connect APK.

Final Verdict

If you also want to check what is happening in your office, home, or anywhere else, without going there, download Hik Connect APK and get all the live updates within minutes. You can surf the information globally. There are no restrictions on distance.

What's new

1. Personal mode supports the Auxiliary Care Radar (DS-TDSB00-EKH).
2. Personal mode supports network speakers, supports uploading local audio from your phone to the network speaker, and supports configuring scheduled broadcast tasks.
3. Personal mode supports alarm output enable/disable of cameras and shared cameras.
4. Personal mode supports retrieving your encryption password/verification via email.
5. Team mode compatible with network devices


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