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Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 is all about intense multiplayer combat!
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Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2, often simply known as Mini Militia, is a popular online multiplayer shooting game developed by Appsomniacs. Launched in 2015, this game quickly became a phenomenon in the mobile gaming community thanks to its attractive gameplay and ability to connect many players. Are you ready to enter the fun and dramatic battle of Mini Militia? Join APKGODY.COM to join this game today.

Introduction to Mini Militia

What is Mini Militia?

Mini Militia was developed by Appsomniacs LLC, a small game company based in the US. The first version of the game was released in 2011, but it was only in 2015 when Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia was released that this game really exploded worldwide. This new version brings many improvements in graphics, gameplay mechanics, and multiplayer capabilities. Specifically, Mini Militia allows you to participate in online or LAN matches with up to 6 to 12 players.


With the shooting genre, most of us will immediately think of first-person FPS games, right? However, the game makers of Mini Militia thought that this gameplay was too dizzying, so they chose a horizontal perspective shooting mechanism to develop their product. Accordingly, you will control your character with virtual buttons on the screen. One analog stick to move and another to adjust the shooting angle. Besides that, there are buttons to jump, fly (using a jetpack), throw grenades, and shoot guns.

The goal in Mini Militia is quite simple: you and your teammates find ways to destroy all opponents before they do the same to your team. However, Appsomniacs also knows how to create a highlight because thanks to this simple playing mechanism, they can create many different modes that we will learn about later.

Diverse Game Modes

Online Multiplayer: This is the most popular mode in the game and also the biggest difference between part 2 and part 1 of Mini Militia. In this mode, you will participate in battles with other players around the world. Inside Online Multiplayer also includes 3 other small modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Many of you wonder why you can’t play Online Multiplayer. Please note that this error has been fixed and with the version provided by APKGODY.COM, you can freely participate in any mode.

Offline Multiplayer: This will be the ideal choice for players who want to compete with friends without an internet connection. Matches take place over a LAN connection, allowing up to 12 players in the same match. Have fun with your friends in Offline Multiplayer!

Survival: For those who want to challenge themselves, Survival is a great choice. Here, you will face waves of incoming enemy troops that constantly increase in both quantity and quality. The main goal is to survive as long as possible. Scores are calculated based on how long you can last against enemies. This is a great way to test and improve your fighting skills!


One of the things that impressed me most about Mini Militia is the game’s diverse weapon system and interesting gun mechanics. You can use many different types of weapons, from melee weapons to long-range weapons. Popular types of pistols, rifles, and machine guns are all included. Additionally, there are special guns like plasma guns or flamethrowers, creatively included by the developers.

In Mini Militia, each gun has a certain amount of bullets for you to use in a level. If you run out of bullets, you will have to use a knife to fight the enemy. This mechanism prevents the fight from having an “unlimited” supply of bullets, requiring careful calculation before shooting. However, you can also upgrade guns to expand the magazine and improve damage, so invest in the guns that suit your style.


To enhance the player experience, the publisher has created more than 20 different maps for you to explore. Each map is unique in structure and obstacles. It could be a deep cave, an abandoned base in Antarctica, or a steep cliff. Each location is different, and you will need to practice regularly to get used to all the maps in Mini Militia.

Graphics and Sound

Mini Militia stands out with its simple and humorous cartoon graphic style. Characters in the game are designed in a “doodle” style – like hand-drawn pictures on paper, bringing a fun and friendly feeling.

The sound in Mini Militia is also carefully crafted. Sound effects such as gunfire, explosions, and footsteps are designed to be vivid, enhancing the combat experience. The game’s background music is often vibrant, stimulating the player’s fighting spirit.

Join the epic battles of Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 and experience the fun, strategic gameplay that has captivated millions of players worldwide!

MOD APK version of Mini Militia

MOD feature

Unlimited Grenades

Grenades increase when you throw them.

Download for Android Mini Militia MOD APK

With its fun yet equally dramatic gameplay mechanics, Mini Militia offers an intriguing escape for you and your friends after stressful working hours. Download this game to your device now to experience intense battles in a side-scrolling shooting mode!

What's new

- In-game Friends is here! Now you can add players as friends and play custom games together!
Note - just make sure you and your friends are on this latest app version, only then you could find them and play together
- You can also search for other players by nickname or ID, and add them as friends directly in the game regardless of your account type (including guests)
- In addition, we’ve made some bug fixes related to Friends.



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