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State of Survival will be a new survival battle in which you have to deal with many things at once in a grim post-apocalyptic world. If you’re ready, let’s head into the countless dark areas in State of Survival!

Introduction to State of Survival

Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic zombie world!


It has been six months since the first day the world was engulfed in an apocalyptic pandemic. The virus has now spread to every city. During those six months, the survivors counted the days. A place engulfed in death, terror, and destruction. People are dead, and the living have only one way: to fight for survival by constantly fighting zombies and monsters that are raging through the world.

State of Survival upholds the spirit of alliance. You will build your own community of survivors, side by side with those you trust to fight, rebuilding the city from the ruins.

The task of living in this apocalyptic world is not easy. Zombies destroyed them all. They even spawned many gruesome variants, with terrifying giants, greater resistance, and attack power than the original zombies. Can you overcome them all, survive with your group and restore the world?

Do Everything to Survive in the Cruel World

Your only way to live is to fight. You and your friends will make use of all means to survive. Zombies have destroyed all human cities and civilizations. Now you can’t do anything alone, you will have to work under the government and military branches, working together to fight organized, and rebuild civilization.

This battle will be very difficult, requiring you to use all different ways, not from any of these tricks on the battlefield to win and survive. Bombardment, loot on the battlefield, make friends to fight together, use pistols, sniper rifles, long-range guns… do everything you think is necessary. Because in this war, just a second of negligence can make you lose your life.

Build an Army Against Zombies

Zombies are ubiquitous, and there are countless variations. While you are constantly fighting, the number of zombies also increases constantly. Weapons and resources become scarce. You are forced to use everything you have in hand to fight. But no matter how hard you try, everything will eventually run out. You will need a place to recuperate, improve weapons, and upgrade resources to find new ways to fight.

To focus on doing this while you’re still fighting outside, you’ll need a base of your own. Find resources and materials to build your own bunker. Build it into a private place to improve weapons, and gradually expand into a large base area, where loyal friends gather, and build relationships. Contact people and form a powerful zombie-fighting army.

This is also where you build a new city and a new army, discuss with everyone to form a battle strategy, which is also a way to long-term survival in this world.

As a multiplayer combat role-playing game, you have the right to create your own personality, thereby writing a unique story. There are many factors for each player to have a different way of playing, from choosing a weapon and choosing a partner or enemy to fighting style. The choice of path is up to you, achievements and battle strategy are also up to you. The end of this game is also in your hands, from the moment it begins.

Build Relationships with Other Players

In this world, fortunately, there are many other survivors like you. Be the core of the battle and bind the surviving individuals together. At the built base, use it to save other people’s lives from zombies, and give them a chance to fight, level up, and power up to protect themselves. In that journey, find people with special abilities, and select them to work together with you to create an army to kill zombies.

Research on Zombies: The Only Way to the Long-Term Future of Humanity

Besides fighting, State of Survival also gives players many challenges that follow the story. One of the big tasks for players is to research and find a way to eliminate the virus that is causing the pandemic.

In your base, you will learn everything you can, research to understand this terrible disease and work with experienced allies to find ways to limit and neutralize the virus. Only this way can one expect to kill all zombies on a large scale, eliminating all germs caused by them. Whether the world of the future will be able to regenerate depends on this move.

What's new

▼ New Content
1. New Festival Event
2. New Feature: Rookie Arena
3. New Feature: Doomsday Express - Alliance Shipments


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