Firestone APK + MOD (Injury, Pace Multiplier, God Mode)

Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG - Immerse yourself in a captivating idle battler RPG filled with magical heroes, thrilling adventures, and endless action! Board the star rail to a world where you can choose to let your heroes auto-battle AFK or unleash a clicker frenzy to vanquish monstrous bosses. In this universe, some heroes even attain the status of the immortal, continuing to fight relentlessly even when the odds are stacked against them. Embrace the spirit of a true royale adventure, collect legendary heroes, become an idle tycoon, make a fortune, and upgrade their skills and equipment. Engage in royale battles, chat with guild friends, and let your immortal heroes clash in epic PVP battles - all in the palm of your hand!
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Holyday Studios
Jul 14, 2023
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The idle battler Firestone: Non-Cease Magic RPG places the necessity for countless motion in your fingers: Have your characters completely auto-battle when you chill out and take within the fantasy combating sights, or go on a clicker rampage to defeat monumental bosses! The choice is yours whether or not to gather heroes, enhance your talents and kit, talk with guildmates, or participate in war-machine PVP.

?‍♂️ Hero Assortment

Construct your staff roster from wizards, knights, and archers: Uncover and unlock new legendary heroes alongside the adventurous journey, stage up abilities and ranges incrementally, and ship them to AFK battle!

? Wealthy Fantasy RPG Story

Discover the Realm of Alandria: From everlasting winter of Frostfire to the pirate haven in Tortuga Bay or the tropical Ebony Jungle, your adventures will result in magic encounters all over the place. Dwarves and orcs, the fairies and even the strolling lifeless will inform about their tales, and there are rumors about dragons!

⚔️ Non-Cease Auto Battles

Your heroes by no means sit idle however you may: Sit again and AFK whereas your chibi type paladins, assassins, bowyers and magicians hack and slash by waves of monsters, or pace up the motion by treating battles like a clicker and provides these zombie armies a magical bullet hell!

?‍?‍?Pleasant Multiplayer

Be part of a guild and make new mates: In Firestone: Non-Cease Magic RPG, the ability of social gaming results in useful buffs for all guild members, elevated mission rewards, unlocks raids and expeditions. Or simply have a chat with fellow gamers!

⚔️ PVP Enviornment

Assemble your staff and combat nonstop on the area. PVP with others and climb the leaderboards in Firestone: Non-Cease Magic RPG to point out them who has the most effective talent!

? Deep Development

Conduct AFK researches and craft highly effective runes or upgrades to your heroes’ tools: Huge incremental bonuses can convey even the mighty bosses down and get you an opportunity to climb the leaderboards of the hero wars within the Enviornment of Kings.

And plenty of extra options:
Occasions ⭐ Quests ⭐ Expertise Timber ⭐ Alchemy ⭐ Mini Card Video games ⭐ Achievements ⭐ Avatars

As builders of Firestone: Non-Cease Magic RPG, we hope you get pleasure from our informal method to the Idle RPG style. We’re all the time desperate to get in contact instantly with our gamers and collect suggestions – simply be a part of our Discord ?

Thanks and have enjoyable battling!
Firestone APK v1.71 ‌+ MOD (Injury, Pace Multiplier, God‍ Mode)

In ⁤the realm of mobile gaming, ⁤Firestone APK v1.71⁣ has ⁢certainly made its mark, offering players a unique and⁤ enthralling gaming experience. ​This captivating game, combined with ​the added benefits of the MOD features, including Injury, Pace Multiplier, and‍ God Mode, ⁢has ⁣captured the attention and enthusiasm of ⁤gamers ⁤worldwide.

Firestone, developed by the talented team‌ at Dplay,⁢ is an action-packed RPG that ‌takes players ​on a thrilling journey through a ⁣mystical world filled with challenging quests, powerful enemies, and epic battles. Drawing inspiration from fantasy and adventure‍ genres, ‌Firestone delivers an immersive gameplay experience that keeps‌ players engaged⁣ for hours on end.

One of the standout​ features​ of Firestone APK ⁤v1.71 is ‍the MOD options available to players. With the‌ Injury MOD,⁣ players can enhance the challenge and⁣ realism of the gameplay by⁢ introducing the⁣ element of injury. This feature adds a level of vulnerability to the⁤ characters, making battles and confrontations more intense ​and strategic.

Additionally, the​ Pace‍ Multiplier feature​ adds a new dimension of⁣ excitement‍ to the game. By​ increasing the ‍pace of‌ the gameplay, ​players can navigate through quests and ⁤battles at a faster rate, ‌intensifying the overall experience‌ and providing a unique thrill ‍for players seeking an⁤ adrenaline rush.

The God Mode MOD is another feature that players can take ⁢advantage of in Firestone APK v1.71. This allows players to assume an invincible status, ​making them impervious‌ to damage and ⁣enabling them⁣ to conquer even the most formidable adversaries. This feature, while providing an element of ease, enhances ‍the‌ enjoyment for ⁤those seeking a more relaxed and casual gaming experience.

Firestone APK v1.71, combined with the MOD features, has‍ garnered rave reviews from users around the ‍globe. The stunning graphics,⁤ immersive soundtrack, and intricate gameplay‌ mechanics make Firestone a standout choice‍ for⁢ gamers looking for a captivating and enjoyable experience.

However, it is important to ​note that the ⁤MOD features can alter the original intent of the game and may⁤ affect the balance and‌ fairness ​of the gameplay. Players should exercise caution‍ and ‌consider their‌ personal ⁤preferences when deciding whether to utilize the ⁤MOD features or play the​ game ⁤in its original form. Additionally, it is crucial to download the⁤ game and modifications ‌from trusted ​sources to ‍ensure the security and ⁢integrity of the ⁤gaming experience.

In conclusion, Firestone APK v1.71, accompanied by the MOD ‌features of Injury, Pace Multiplier, and God⁤ Mode, offers an exceptional gaming‍ experience for enthusiasts of ‍action-packed RPGs. Combining captivating gameplay with the added bonus of MOD ⁣features, Firestone is a game that has undoubtedly ⁤captured the attention and excitement ‍of mobile gamers worldwide. However, it is essential for players to consider their personal preferences ⁢and exercise caution when deciding to take advantage of the MOD options available.



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