Age of Dynasties: Shogun APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Be the Shogun in this free strategy game offline. Pull out your katana and command your samurai on the battlefield to conquer feudal Japan during a time of total war.
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Mar 19, 2023
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Age of Dynasties: Shogun will recreate Japan between feudalism and Shogun, one of the darkest, troubled periods of the country’s history. You will have the opportunity to become a Shogun warrior and fight to abolish the era of imperial feudalism and bring strength to a new age, the Shogun era.

About game Age of Dynasties: Shogun

Age of Dynasties: Shogun is a real-time strategy game developed by Joy Impact that is set in feudal Japan. In the game, players take on the role of a shogun, a powerful military commander, and lead their armies to victory in battles against rival shoguns and clans.


The gameplay of Age of Dynasties: Shogun is centered around building and managing a powerful military empire. Players must gather resources, recruit and train troops, and strategically plan their attacks and defenses in order to conquer their enemies.

The game features a single-player campaign mode where players can follow a story-driven campaign that takes them through various battles and challenges. It also offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other in real-time battles.

In addition to traditional RTS gameplay elements such as resource gathering, base building, and combat, Age of Dynasties: Shogun also features unique mechanics such as the ability to call upon powerful mythological creatures to aid in battle, and a weather system that can impact gameplay.


Although Japan is small in size, its history has gone through many memorable ups and downs. Those milestones have become an endless source of inspiration for games past and present. Age of Dynasties: Shogun, is one of those mobile games where you can play, fight, and feel the epic history of old Japan.

Age of Dynasties: Shogun takes place in a time when feudal Japan has gradually declined, the Emperor is just a real name. At the height of the civil wars, in 1192, the Shogun shoguns began to rise, gaining strength, power, and influence over the regions of the country. Thus began the Shogun era.

As a talented Shogun, you enthusiastically fight with your katana, commanding samurai on a series of battlefields to overthrow the feudal system of Japan, ushering in a new dynasty.

Being a great leader is not easy

Right from the first moment, you will immediately realize that being an outstanding leader with clear policies is not easy. In the vast Japanese territory there were many warlords with military strength and power, making the unification of Japan under one flag more difficult than ever.

In the chaotic world, tactics and strategies are all in the political game between clans confronting each other. Here, the rule “big fish eat small fish” is applied very thoroughly when just one situation, one decision, one choice or one wrong policy can lead to long-term consequences, even toppled a mighty dynasty.

Units and Upgrades

Age of Dynasties: Shogun offers a wide variety of units and upgrades for players to utilize in battle. There are several different types of units available, including infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege weapons. Each unit has unique strengths and weaknesses, and players must strategically choose which units to use in each battle.

Players can also upgrade their units and structures, allowing them to increase their effectiveness in battle. Upgrades include things like better armor and weapons for troops, faster resource gathering, and stronger walls and defenses for their bases.

Graphics and Sound

Age of Dynasties: Shogun features high-quality graphics and sound effects that bring the world of feudal Japan to life. The game features detailed character models and environments, with beautifully designed landscapes and buildings. The sound effects and music are also immersive, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Overall, Age of Dynasties: Shogun is a challenging and engaging real-time strategy game that offers a unique and immersive experience set in feudal Japan. Whether you’re a fan of RTS games or simply enjoy Japanese history and culture, Age of Dynasties: Shogun is definitely worth checking out. With its diverse unit types, unique mechanics, and beautiful graphics and sound, it offers a truly unforgettable journey through the world of the shoguns.

MOD APK version of Age of Dynasties: Shogun

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

What’s new

4.0 Way of Life:
– ROYAL COURT and FAMILY TREE: in the royal court it’s now possible to interact with family members, partners, lovers and leaders of other factions by talking to them.
– LIFESTYLE TRAITS: it’s now possible for each ruler to acquire traits due to their lifestyle that will add to the initial traits.
– MERCENARIES: It’s now possible to recruit armies of mercenaries
– ANIMATIONS: Added some animations to make the game more engaging
Age‍ of Dynasties: Shogun⁢ APK v4.0.0 + MOD ⁣(Unlimited Money)

In the world ‍of gaming, ⁢the Age of Dynasties: Shogun game has made ​quite an impact. Developed by a team of dedicated individuals, this ⁣game ⁣has gained immense popularity ‍among players all ‍over the world. With its latest version, the Age of Dynasties: Shogun APK v4.0.0⁣ + MOD, gamers are in for ⁣an even more exhilarating experience.

The Age of Dynasties: Shogun is a strategy-based game that takes players back to the magnificent ‌era ⁤of feudal Japan. It ⁢is set in a time when ancient warlords ruled the ‍land, and their ultimate goal⁣ was ‌to expand their territories. Players are‌ given the chance to step into the shoes of these warlords, ⁣leading their armies to victory and establishing their dynasty.

One of the highlights of the Age of Dynasties: ⁤Shogun⁤ is its‌ realistic graphics and⁣ immersive gameplay. The attention to detail is remarkable, as the developers⁣ have crafted stunning⁢ visuals that accurately‌ depict the⁢ landscapes, structures, and characters of feudal Japan. The ⁣strategic battles are intense, with players needing⁤ to carefully plan their ‌moves to outsmart their opponents.

The Age of Dynasties:⁣ Shogun APK v4.0.0 + ‌MOD takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. The⁣ MOD ⁢feature‍ allows players to have unlimited money, giving them the⁢ freedom to upgrade their armies, construct⁤ formidable fortresses, and unlock ‍powerful weapons. This ‌provides a significant advantage to players as they strive ​to establish their dominance over the land.

With the⁢ unlimited money MOD, players can also recruit legendary warriors and gain access to rare resources,⁢ further enhancing their chances of victory. This ⁤adds an exciting element of discovery to the game, as ⁤players strive to uncover hidden treasures and secrets⁣ that boost their power and influence.

The Age of ​Dynasties: Shogun APK v4.0.0 ⁢+ MOD is not just an‍ ordinary game; it is ⁣a captivating experience that‌ immerses players in the rich history and culture of feudal Japan. From the epic battles to the intricate politics, this game allows players to become the ultimate strategist, navigating the complex world of feudal warfare.

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just ‍starting ​your ⁢gaming journey, the Age of Dynasties: Shogun APK v4.0.0 + MOD is a must-try. Its ⁤engaging storyline, stunning visuals, and ⁤strategic‌ gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. The⁢ availability⁣ of the MOD feature ensures that you have the resources needed to conquer your enemies and become the supreme ruler of feudal Japan.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an immersive strategy-based game that provides ⁢an authentic experience of feudal Japan, look no further than the Age of Dynasties: Shogun APK v4.0.0 + MOD.⁢ Embark on a ⁢journey filled with​ battles, alliances, and the pursuit of power as you establish your dynasty in⁤ this‌ captivating ⁤game. Download it now and unleash your inner warlord.


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