Zombero: Archero Hero Shooter

Fight through masses of zombies and other monsters in this roguelike shooter and enjoy epic adventure full of crazy action. When zombie apocalypse rages once again and this could be your last day on Earth, only a man of strong faith and even stronger weapons can find a solution.
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Alda Games
Aug 2, 2023
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Fight through masses of zombies and other monsters in this roguelike shooter and enjoy epic adventure full of crazy action. When zombie apocalypse rages once again and this could be your last day on Earth, only a man of strong faith and even stronger weapons can find a solution.

Top-down zombie shooter
Zombero gives you your favourite things in one game – popular hit and run top down survival autofire game and zombies! You will be guiding your character through the world destroyed by apocalypse while you mow zombies trying to eat you. You will start each run just with your own equipment and skills, but you will unlock new cool power-ups and abilities as you quickly gain levels. Randomly generated unique combination of abilities will ensure that each run is different, but you can always pick from few – do you prefere multishot, fire bullets, piercing or ricocheting ammo? Each battle is pretty intense as your hero dodges and strikes in the gameplay inspired by old-school arcade shooters.

Roguelike shooter
Heavy RPG elements
Bullet hell & auto attack – dodge enemy fire and melee attacks and auto fire while you are standing in place
Breathtaking visuals with polygon graphics
Each run is different thanks to random selection of abilities
Equip your character with protective gear and weapons
Run n gun with different heroes with special abilities
Level-up your hero and equipment, and upgrade your skills and weapons so you can survive harder and harder encounters with enemies
Unlock unique perks
Easy to learn, hard to master
Simple and intuitive controls – you either attack or move
Deep and rewarding mechanics – become a better battler and you will enjoy epic battles and get further faster
Master your defense game – you have one life for each run so self-preservation is a key, make your hero a tank that survives anything or dodge enemy attacks

Story of the last hero
Epic boss fights
Battle legions of zombies and other diabolical monsters
Cool environments – city streets, farm, sewers

You saw the world end. When you were in a deadly brawl with zombies and stars fell from the sky, you unlocked unique powers and regained faith. When you used your last bullet angel or maybe god himself gave you a new will and means to live and fight. As you progress through the remnants of the world filled with war against zombies and other hellish monsters you visit interesting places that will serve as arenas for your struggle – from lovely farm through icy lands to the hell itself.
Don't settle with being a mere archer – put down your arrow, take your gun and show those undead monsters who's the real monster killer here in the best action role-playing shooter!

Introducing the ultimate mobile game that will put your survivar skills to the test: Zombero:Survive the Doom! As a lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, you must fight to stay alive against hordes of zombies and other deadly threats. But you're not alone – take on the role of iconic heroes such as Croft, Sssnaker and Lara to help you on your journey.
In this thrilling game, you'll need to rely on your instincts and quick reflexes to outsmart your enemies and emerge victorious. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, Survive the Doom will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end. As you progress through the levels, you'll face increasingly difficult challenges and obstacles. But fear not – with the help of upgrades and powerful weapons, you'll become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. And with the support of your fellow survivors, you'll create an unbreakable bond that will keep you going through even the toughest of times. So what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of the ultimate survivors and take on the Doom in this epic mobile game. With multiple heroes to choose from and endless possibilities for strategy, you'll become a master of the apocalypse in no time.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/zomber.archero.killer.2345677695728357


Version Size Requirements Date
v1.13.7 73.28 MB 5.0 27/06/2023

What's new

New big update is now released. Enjoy Zombero, better than ever!
* New Hero - Golden Man
* Reworked weapons upgrade for even more satisfying zombie extermination
* Improved graphics
* Balancing of the game
* Bug fixes and gameplay improvements



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2 comments on "Zombero: Archero Hero Shooter"

  1. KingMod says:

    This game looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it out with the God Mode and High Damage mod.

  2. venci32 says:

    I love playing games with mods, and this one sounds like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see how powerful I become with God Mode and High Damage. Thanks for providing the APK!

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Zombero APK + MOD (God Mode, High Damage)

Fight through masses of zombies and other monsters in this roguelike shooter and enjoy epic adventure full of crazy action. When zombie apocalypse rages once again and this could be your last day on Earth, only a man of strong faith and even stronger weapons can find a solution.
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4.5/5 Votes: 136,060
Alda Games
Jun 27, 2023
73.28 MB
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Embark on an⁤ epic adventure filled with‍ crazy⁣ action as ‌you fight your way through hordes ‌of zombies and other monstrous creatures⁤ in this⁣ thrilling roguelike shooter.‍ In a world plagued by a zombie⁤ apocalypse, where‌ every day could be‌ your last, only ⁢a man of unwavering ⁤faith and‍ formidable ‌weapons can find a ‍solution.

Experience the Ultimate Top-Down Zombie Shooter
Zombero combines two of your favorite things into one game⁤ – the‌ popular hit and run top-down survival​ autofire game and zombies! As you navigate‌ through a world ravaged by ​the apocalypse,⁣ you’ll be mowing down zombies that are hungry for your ‍flesh. At the​ start of each run, ⁣you’ll have​ only ⁢your equipment and​ skills to ⁣rely ​on,⁢ but as you level up, you’ll ⁣unlock new and exciting power-ups‍ and‍ abilities. With a randomly generated selection of unique ‌abilities, each run promises​ a different experience. Will you choose multishot, ⁢fire bullets, piercing, or ricocheting‍ ammo? ⁣Prepare for intense battles as your hero dodges and strikes, inspired by the gameplay of old-school arcade shooters.

Features that Will Blow Your Mind
* Immerse yourself in a roguelike shooter experience like no other.
* Enjoy ‍heavy RPG elements that add⁢ depth to the ‌gameplay.
* Engage in⁤ bullet hell and ‌auto attack – dodge enemy fire‌ and melee attacks while unleashing devastating‌ firepower.
* Be ‌captivated by‍ breathtaking visuals with polygon⁤ graphics.
* Embrace the unpredictability of each run with randomly selected abilities.
*‍ Equip your⁣ character with protective gear ⁣and powerful weapons.
* Choose from different heroes, each ‍with⁢ their own special​ abilities, and ‍run n gun your way through the ‌apocalypse.
*‍ Level up ​your hero, upgrade⁤ your‌ equipment, and‍ enhance your skills and weapons to survive increasingly​ challenging encounters with enemies.
*‌ Unlock unique ‌perks that give you an edge in battle.
* Easy to learn, ​but hard to master – perfect your skills and enjoy‌ epic⁢ battles as you progress ⁤further.
* Experience deep and rewarding mechanics that will turn you into​ a formidable‌ battler. Become a master of defense, whether by becoming‌ an⁤ unstoppable ⁢tank or by dodging enemy attacks.

Uncover the Story of‍ the Last Hero
* Prepare for epic boss fights‍ that ⁢will test⁤ your skills to the limit.
* Battle legions of zombies and other diabolical monsters in your quest for redemption ⁤and destruction.
* Explore ​cool environments, from city ‌streets to farms and sewers.
* Find companions who ⁤will aid you in your journey.
*⁣ Immerse yourself‍ in a captivating ​story that will ⁣keep you engaged‍ till the​ end.
* Enjoy an offline game‍ experience‌ – ‌even if ⁣you lose connection during a run, you can continue playing by ⁢simply reconnecting​ at the end.

You witnessed the world’s end firsthand. In the midst of a deadly brawl with zombies, stars ​fell‌ from the ⁣sky, granting⁤ you unique powers and restoring your faith.‌ When you‍ thought you had used‍ your last bullet, an angel or perhaps even​ a⁤ god bestowed ⁣upon you a new will to live and fight.

As you progress through the remnants of ⁢a world ravaged by war against‍ zombies and other hellish creatures, you’ll encounter​ interesting places that serve as ​arenas ‍for your struggle. From idyllic farms to icy lands and‍ even the depths of hell ​itself,‌ prepare for‍ thrilling‍ battles at every turn.

Don’t ​settle for ​being ⁣a mere ​archer. Put​ down your arrow,⁢ pick up your gun, and ⁣show those undead monsters who the ​real monster killer is in this action-packed role-playing shooter!

Download and start playing now!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zomber.archero.killer.2345677695728357/
Zombero​ APK v1.13.7 +⁣ MOD (God Mode, High Damage): Unleash⁤ Your Zombie ‌Slaying Skills

In ‍the vast world of‌ mobile gaming,⁤ finding ‍an immersive and exhilarating gameplay experience‌‌ can be a daunting task. ⁤However, Zombero ‌APK⁢ v1.13.7 + MOD ‌(God Mode, High⁢ Damage) steps up to the plate, offering ⁤a unique ⁢and ⁢action-packed adventure that is bound⁣ to ⁢⁤keep players on the edge⁣⁣ of their seats. ⁢This article ⁢will delve into​ the compelling features of Zombero⁤ and showcase the perks of ⁣its MOD ‌version,‌ allowing ⁣players to unleash their fullest ⁤potential with‍ God Mode and High Damage capabilities.

Zombero,⁢ developed by⁢ Alda Games, thrusts‍ players into a​ post-apocalyptic world infested with flesh-hungry⁣ zombies.⁢ As‍ the last hope⁤ for humanity,⁣ players take control of ⁣the fearless and agile Zombrero, a zombie slayer on a mission⁢ to ​eradicate ​the undead scourge. Armed⁤ with‌⁤ an impressive arsenal of weapons, players ‍engage ⁢in‌ intense battles across‍ a variety of captivating⁤ environments,⁣ from​ desolate streets to ominous buildings.

The gameplay in Zombero ‌not only impresses with its fluid mechanics but also with its irresistible charm. The graphics,‌ delivered in‍ a visually appealing‌ 3D style, add an immersive layer to the gameplay. As‍ players ​traverse the ​apocalyptic​ landscapes and tackle ⁤hordes of‌ ⁤zombies, the attention​ to detail in the game’s design becomes‍ increasingly evident,​ captivating ⁤players and drawing them‌ further⁣ into the experience.

While ​the original Zombero ‌game provides​ a‍ great gaming experience, the MOD‌ version ⁣takes it ⁣to a whole ⁢new⁢ level. ‌With​ God Mode, players can become invincible. No longer worrying ‌about their character’s health‌‌ or survival, players can focus ‍solely​ on perfecting their ‌slaying​ skills, ​unleashing a storm ‌of destruction upon the ⁣zombie hordes. Additionally, the⁤ MOD version ‍offers High Damage, ‍allowing ⁢players to obliterate zombies​ with ease, putting ⁢an end to the undead⁤ ‍menace without breaking⁤ a sweat.

Obtaining the ⁢Zombero APK v1.13.7 + MOD⁤ (God Mode, High Damage) version is a ⁤simple ‌process,⁢ requiring users to download​ the ⁣APK file. ‌Once installed, ‍players‌ can ‍immediately enjoy the added advantages ⁢of God Mode and ⁣High Damage, enhancing their gameplay experience ​and ensuring hours‌ ​of ⁢endless ‍fun.

Zombero’s storyline, combined with its stunning⁣ visuals and adrenaline-pumping action, make it an instant hit among mobile ⁢gamers. ⁣As players embark on their journey through the zombie-infested world, they’ll discover ​a compelling narrative‍ that immerses ​them ​further into ‍the game. ​Engaging boss fights ‌and side ‌missions‌ add depth ‌and ‌variety to ​the ⁢gameplay, ensuring that players are consistently​ challenged ‍and entertained.

In ⁤conclusion, Zombero APK v1.13.7 + MOD (God​ Mode, High Damage) is a game⁤ that‌ stands⁤ out in the ​crowded mobile gaming market. ⁢Its captivating graphics, seamless mechanics, ⁤and​ gripping‍ storyline make‌ it a must-play for any avid gamer. ⁢‌The MOD version, ⁢with its added advantages of God Mode ⁢and​ High Damage, elevates the gameplay‌ to new heights, ‌enabling players ⁢to become unstoppable zombie slayers. So, gather your weapons, brace yourself, and take control of Zombero ​as you ⁢navigate through a ​world‌⁣ overrun⁣ by the undead. It’s⁤ time to unleash ‌your zombie slaying skills!

Zombero APK v1.13.7‍ + MOD (God⁢ Mode, High Damage) v1.13.7:⁤ A Thrilling‌ Zombie ‌Survival⁢ Game

In the world of⁤ mobile ⁣gaming, there is⁤ a genre that has captured the hearts⁤ and ‌minds of ‌players worldwide⁤ – zombie survival ​games. These adrenaline-pumping adventures allow ⁣gamers to immerse themselves in post-apocalyptic scenarios where they must‌ fight off hordes of ⁣undead ‍creatures to⁣ survive.

One such game that stands out from the crowd is Zombero APK v1.13.7 + MOD (God Mode, High Damage) v1.13.7 – an action-packed‌ zombie survival game that offers‍ an unparalleled gaming experience for enthusiasts.

Developed by a team⁢ of talented developers, Zombero​ takes players⁣ on a thrilling journey through a desolate city ‌infested with zombies hungry for human flesh. The game’s immersive graphics and realistic sound effects create an⁢ atmosphere​ that⁢ will keep you on the edge​ of your seat throughout your⁢ gameplay.

What sets Zombero apart from other similar games is its unique combination of intense combat ‍mechanics and strategic decision-making elements. Players are not only required to ‌possess excellent reflexes but also need​ to ​think strategically about their next move in order ⁢to survive.

The ‍God Mode ⁤feature included in this version⁣ allows players to become invincible against attacks from zombies, giving ⁢them‌ an⁤ upper hand‌ during⁣ battles while ensuring they can progress further into the game without fear of being‍ overwhelmed by ‌enemies.

Additionally, the High Damage modification enhances players’ offensive capabilities by increasing their attack​ power significantly, making it easier for⁣ them ⁤to eliminate⁢ waves after waves⁤ of relentless zombies with ease.

As ⁣you progress through different levels within Zombero APK v1.13.7 + MOD (God Mode, ‍High Damage) v1.13., you ⁣will encounter various types⁢ of zombies each possessing ⁣unique abilities and strengths‍ which adds‍ another layer ‍of ​challenge and excitement​ to the gameplay⁢ experience.

Furthermore, ⁤this version of Zombero offers a wide range of weapons and equipment‌ that players can ⁤utilize​ to their advantage. From ⁣firearms to melee weapons, explosives, and even traps ⁤- the arsenal⁢ at your⁣ disposal ​is vast and⁢ diverse. Experimenting​ with‍ different combinations will help you find the most ‍effective strategies for survival.

The game also features an engaging storyline⁣ that unfolds as ‌you progress through each level. You will ⁣encounter non-playable characters who provide valuable⁣ information and quests, adding depth to ​the overall narrative.

Zombero APK v1.13.7 + MOD (God Mode, High Damage) v1.13.7 is not‌ just‌ another zombie‌ survival game;‌ it’s an ⁤immersive experience that challenges your skills while keeping you ‍entertained ​for hours on end.

To enjoy this thrilling adventure, ​simply download the⁤ APK ⁤file from a trusted source onto your Android ⁤device and‍ install it following the provided instructions.

In conclusion, if ‍you​ are a fan of zombie survival games or looking for ​an action-packed gaming experience like no other, Zombero APK ⁢v1.13.7 ‍+ MOD (God Mode, High Damage) v1.13 is definitely worth⁣ checking out! With its‌ stunning graphics, intense gameplay mechanics, strategic‌ decision-making elements, and exciting storyline – this game has all the ingredients necessary to keep you hooked⁤ from start to finish.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.14.5 98.23 MB 5.0 02/08/2023



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