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Band and upgrade units to survive the walking dead hordes and reclaim some semblance of order in tower defense zombie survival games. Master tactical strategies, and engage in intense battles to secure their survival. Are you brave enough to reach the end and reveal the secret of the zombie game?
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Dead Ahead is a Zombie apocalypse game where you have to get your vehicles on the road so that you can survive the attacks of zombies. During this journey, you can also look for other survivors and add them in your team so that you can have better chances of survival. There are various upgrades and weapons available in this game that will help you to increase your survival abilities and you can also upgrade your buses for new features.

There are so many missions and quests in this game and you can play these quests to get some rewards that will help you during the game. There are many different locations in this game where you can fight with hoards of Zombies.

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In the Dead Ahead game, you will manage a survival vehicle. You are driving this vehicle in an apocalyptic world where there are a lot of zombies in your path. These zombies will try to attack you and you even have to get out of the bus at times so that you can remove these hordes of zombies from your way. You can gather different survivors during your journey so that you can have a better chance of survival.

Features of Dead Ahead APK

Different locations to explore

In this game, there are various locations on the map and you have to visit different places to gather the survivors. You will have to pass the desert and the City areas during the game.

Control your Survival Bus

You have the right to control your survival bus in different locations. You can either stop the bus and get out of it to fight with the Zombies and you can also drive this bus over the Zombies to kill them.

Gather more Survivors

You can also gather other survivors during this journey. By getting these survivors, you will be able to create an army that will fight with these zombies and you can easily pass the red alert areas.

Smash the Zombies

You can use different weapons in this game to smash the Zombies; you will also be able to drive the bus over them to remove them from your path.

Ultimate fighting experience

You will be able to experience an Ultimate Fighting game because sometimes the Zombies will increase in number and you will not be able to drive the bus. In these situations, you have to get out of the bus and kill these zombies with the help of weapons.

Collect Weapons

You will also be able to collect a lot of weapons in this game. They will help you to fight with Zombies and you can even equip your bus with these weapons so that you can kill them while moving around.

Complete The Quests

There are a lot of quests in this game where you have to deal with some sturdy Zombie bosses. By completing these quests, you will be able to get a lot of rewards.

Create your Guild

You can create your own guild in the multiplayer mode of this game, you can invite your friends to this game and create your own team. In this way, you can participate in the team battles and unlock a lot of rewards.

Unlimited Resources

If you download the modified version of this game then you will be able to get unlimited resources. It will help you to buy new weapons.

Free Upgrades

The modified version of this game will allow you to upgrade your vehicle and character for free.

Why do people like Dead Ahead MOD APK?

People like Dead Ahead MOD APK because in this version, they will not have to face any kind of restrictions as they will receive unlimited resources. They will also be able to upgrade their vehicles and their characters without paying any money.

Download Dead Ahead MOD APK Latest Version 2023

It is the hacked version of the Dead Ahead game. In this version, there are no restrictions and the user will be able to play any mode of this game. You do not even have to worry about resources as you will get unlimited resources in this version.

Dead Ahead APK 2023 Download

If you want to get the updated version of this game then you should download Dead Ahead APK 2023.

Final Verdict

You will be able to indulge in different funny stories in this game and you can also help the other survivors. But if you want to get unlimited resources in this game then you should download Dead Ahead Mod APK.


Q. How do you get new weapons in Dead Ahead APK?

You can get new weapons with the help of money.

Q. How can I upgrade my unit in Dead Ahead APK?

You can upgrade your unit by completing the quests in this game.

What's new

Hello, survivors! Here's what's new in this update:
- New game mode: Infected Metro
- 93 new missions
- New weather modificators: Heatwave and Poisonous Fog
- New Team Power: Prisoners
- New skins for Sonya, Jailer, Ranger and Mechanic
- New enemies: zombie "Puffer" and marauder "Skull"
- Updated cinema: added more rewards and a daily bonus
- Several bugs fixed



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